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Snowie Satellite Cart During the Snowie Training we announced the new Snowie “Satellite” Cart. We named it the Satellite cart because it is the perfect, cost effective way to expand your presence. The “Satellite” Cart is also the perfect solution to many other scenarios: First, it is a great place for people to start their business.  It lets them be mobile in a way that could not be done before, and on a budget that was not previously available.  It contains our Flavor Station concept right in the cart and allows you go anywhere and serve up our delicious Shaved Ice.  If you use one of our DC shavers, this cart is completely self contained, meaning if you wanted to take a stroll down the boardwalk with your new Snowie “Satellite”, you could.  As people would approach you, you could stop right where you are, shave the perfect snow, let them flavor their own serving, and you just profited from an incredible margin. You can then take that money, and place it within the locking, built-in money tray.  When you are done handling their money, you can then open the door which contains a self contained water system that runs by the power of your foot.  You do not draw any power to make it flow.  One or two pumps with your foot, and you are clean and ready to serve your next customer. This “Satellite” also allows you to have Satellite locations at an event.  Let’s say you got into a big outdoor concert and you only had one kiosk.  They offered you four spots at various locations, yet, you do not own enough equipment to satisfy their request. Well, now you can!  For $4800 you can purchase the Snowie “Satellite” Cart that will put you in business, literally anywhere.  You could purchase four of these carts for close to the price of one Snowie Building. The cart that we are featuring here in our photos is our first concept cart and is in the process of a few changes.  It currently has 10 flavors, that will actually be reduced to 8 for various reasons.  Mainly, to keep your customers on the far side of the cart and not in your lap.  The jugs, will actually poke through the top like they do in our Counter Top Flavor Stations.  This will help stabilize them, and allow for easier access to refill, clean, etc. It has a removable handle that allows you to lift and move your stand wherever you wish.  When you are at a place where you would like to stay for a bit, you simply lift the handle until it disconnects from the cart and tuck it away.  Front casters are also available if you would like to keep it on wheels. There are various modifications you can make to the cart if you wish to save additional money.  You can order it without the collapsing top and order an umbrella instead.  This option alone will save you close to $1000.  You can remove the option of the Money tray: $200, or you can add the option to have a miniature 12 volt blower to help you attract your crowd. This cart is available for purchase right now, and the modifications will be done within the week.  We have been very anxious to release this new product and wanted to make sure you were able to see it before you begin this next season. The dimensions of the cart are: 45.5” Long X 30” Wide X and 80” Tall (with the top elevated).  This means that the cart would even fit through the doorways in your home! If you are familiar with the size of our shavers, you could use that as a reference in the photo to notice how small and versatile this stand really is. We have further details and diagrams coming shortly.  In the meantime, if you have questions concerning some of the options, we would be happy to discuss them with you.  Please reach us through our contact page, or give us a call at 1-877-4-SNOWIE.

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26 thoughts on “Snowie Satellite Cart

  1. Teesha Thompson says:

    Loved the Satellite the moment I saw this at the training. I hope to own a couple before the year is through.

  2. mbuffbills says:

    I would like a quote for the satellite cart and the snowie 1000 and starter kit also the shipping to NM

  3. Lily says:

    Could I please get a quote for the satellite cart and the snowie 1000 and starter kit and shipping to CA 95020?

    • Aaron says:

      No, you will need extra containers in order to handle your ice. You could put some underneath, but you would be sharing space with your battery and simple water system. You will most likely want to handle your ice in a mobile cooler that you can when along with you.

  4. Dorian says:

    I am interested in this cart but would like to know how to handle the ice. Would I keep it stored underneath the cart?

    • Aaron says:

      I could have sworn I had replied to this multiple times, yet it remains in my queue. I will reply just in case. You will need to have a cooler for ice. There is not ice storage in this cart. Even with our larger stands, we use freezers or coolers to store the ice and the stand for our equipment and other supplies.

      We have put ice bins for customers that request it, but that would not be possible with the satellite cart.

      Hope this helps,

      – Aaron

  5. Michi says:

    I’d like to get a quote for start up package and satellite cart for Ketchikan, AK 99901.

    I would need it freight forward via AML barge lines in Seattle, Wa.

    Thank you!

    • Aaron says:

      I believe I spoke with you yesterday. I am waiting for a shipping quote and will get that to you asap.


      – Aaron

  6. Robyn says:

    I would like a quote with shipping for the cart, snowie 1000, and starter kit. I’m in North Carolina. How long to ship after order is made? How much does the cart weigh?



    • Aaron says:

      En primer lugar, lo siento por el retraso. Su pregunta debería haber sido entregado a otro sistema y no fue así. Así que esta es la primera vez que lo he visto. Creo que tu pregunta es acerca de si podemos o no podemos enviar el satélite de la compra a Perú. La respuesta es sí, podemos enviar casi en cualquier lugar. Si me dan un código postal, podría conseguirle una cita así.

  8. Lina says:

    Will you guys offer financial on the snowie satellite cart or the Snowie Tricycle ? And how much will be with delivery to Tulsa Ok 74134