First Day of Summer

First Day of Summer

Today is the first day of Summer! For many people that means vacations, time-off from school or work, and summer activities. But for those of us who own Snowie stands, this is our time to thrive!

While you are working hard to secure those last minute events, lugging around headpacks of sugar water and ice bags, scheduling unreliable teenagers, enduring endless health inspections, and flirting with heat stroke, remember, there is light at the end of this tunnel. Not only is there light at the end, but if you take a moment and remember why you chose this opportunity, you will see all kinds of light along the way.

Remember that corporate structure or that desk that you could not wait to step away from? Remember the physically demanding job that took your body to the brink, every day? Remember that boss that has never had your end game in mind? Remember the grumpy, frustrated, anxiety driven coworkers that surrounded you and altered your perspective on life?

Remember how you wanted to work with people who were happy to see you? To have flocks of children run to you as you approached your event? To work in an environment where the sun sat on your face and the sounds of laughter and activity became your atmosphere? Remember how you wanted to interact with your customers and delight them with a treat that was sure to please and even fun to flavor and consume?

This truly is a unique and wonderful opportunity

We hear from many of you each and every day, your stories, your past, your new present, and your dreams of the future. While this business still requires effort as any business will, it has rewards that far out way the alternatives that many of you have expressed. Keep your eye on the prize and not only will your endgame be all you ever hoped it would be, but you will find that your journey, those daily memories and experiences, will be just as satisfying.

Remember to work

This opportunity has provided some amazing experiences and even life changing outcomes, but it will always require that you work. That you chase those events, even if the last ten shot you down. That you secure a solid location, even if the perfect one fell out of grasp. It is not all sunshine and lollipops, nothing is, but it’s pretty close, it’s Shaved Ice!

We want to take a moment and thank each of you for choosing to do business with Snowie. May you have an incredibly successful 2017 Season!