Snowie Mystery Flavor Contest

Snowie is launching a brand new contest! We’ve made a Mystery Shaved Ice Flavor, whomever can guess it correctly will be eligible to win a brand new Little Snowie 2 Home Ice Shaver!

There are a few ways for you to participate in this mystery flavor contest.


If you are a consumer, you can try the Snowie Mystery Flavor by; (1) visiting a Snowie Stand near you OR (2) purchase the flavor here on

Once you’ve tried it, you can submit your guess on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by using the hashtag: #SnowieMysteryFlavor OR you can simply visit in your browser and submit your guess.

Visit Contest Page


If you are a Snowie Vendor, you can purchase the Snowie Mystery Flavor (both in concentrate or ready-to-use form) to sell at your stand.

Then we’ve provided marketing materials for you to print out and put on your stand, as well as post to your social media, encouraging your customers to purchase the Snowie Mystery Flavor and join in on the contest fun!

Use the form below to download the marketing materials.

Purchase Mystery Flavor Download Marketing Materials

Those that do guess correct, or come close to the actual flavor, will be added to a winners pool from which we will randomly select the winner of a new Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver!

Make sure to follow us, as it’s a complex flavor, so we will send out periodic hints to help you in your quest.

Snowie Vendors Mystery Flavor Contest Marketing Materials

We've designed some marketing materials for you to use to invite customers to try the Snowie Mystery Flavor at your Snowie Stand(s). Which includes a 8.5x11 Poster, Images for social media (Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram) to share with your followers, as well as email marketing templates.

Fill out the form below to download the Snowie Mystery Flavor Contest Marketing Materials.

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  • Snowie Marketing Materials Agreement

    The following marketing materials will only be used in correlation with this particular Snowie Mystery Flavor Contest. It may not be used at a later date, with other flavors, or non-Snowie flavors or products. You must be a Snowie Vendor that has signed the Snowie Trademark agreement to use the following marketing materials. If you have not signed the Snowie Trademark agreement you are not allowed to proceed to download or use the Snowie Mystery Flavor marketing assets. If you haven't signed the agreement and would like to use these marketing materials, please contact Snowie and a member from our team will help you sign the agreement.

    Snowie Vendors ARE allowed to participate in the contest just like Snowie Consumers, and all are allowed to submit up to 4 submission p/person via our 4 platforms; (1) Facebook, (2) Twitter, (3) Instagram (using the hashtag #snowiemysteryflavor), or (4) via the website Submissions via private accounts on Instagram and Facebook are not eligible for this contest. Guessing the flavor correctly does not entitle you or your customers to a win the contest, it adds you (and them) to a pool of all those that have guessed the flavor correctly and Snowie will be drawing from those submissions to reveal the winner of the Little Snowie 2 home ice shaver after August 16th.