Snowie Webinar #10 – Introducing Snowie Naturals (Recording) (Natural Shaved Ice Flavors or Natural Sno Cone Syrups)

Natural Flavors Shaved Ice

I apologize, I just realized that I launched the video on YouTube and forgot to post it here on our site.

This week, we are joined by Callie and Estela to introduce Snowie Naturals – Our brand new line of Natural Shaved Ice Flavors or  Natural Snow Cone Syrups.

Callie shares her experiences in Shaved Ice and recent Farmer’s Markets.  She also takes us down the road in developing these flavors and some of the motivation behind it.  Callie has already been selling these products at various events and has had a huge response.  We are excited to provide these delicious, healthy flavors to you and your customers.

4 thoughts on “Snowie Webinar #10 – Introducing Snowie Naturals (Recording) (Natural Shaved Ice Flavors or Natural Sno Cone Syrups)

  1. lyn says:

    Exciting to have a point of difference, also with regards the farmers market you talked about increased sales, what sort of % increase on the day ?. Also most of the farmers markets finish about 1pm is it worth going to ?


    • Aaron says:


      This is Aaron. You will really want to hear back from Callie, but there are some answers I can give here as well. Yes, the Farmer’s Markets are absolutely worth doing. I know that her market ends at 2:00pm. But if that event were to end at 1:00, she would still do it, as would I.

      It is a big deal to have a shaver that will allow you to move the volume you want to. If you have a lot of people attending the market, but you cannot serve them fast enough, that is when it is not worth it. But with any Snowie shaver, you will be able to serve your customers very quickly which makes that shorter time worth it.

      To add to that, I run shaved ice in stadiums where you only have a half time to make all your money. You would be surprised how much money you can do in one short half-time.

      I hope this helps,

      – Aaron

  2. mark103099 says:

    I know this is a 5 year old video, but towards the end Lyle is thinking about an event coming up where he might have both a typical flavor station and a naturals flavor station to see how they did side by side. If that happened, what were the results?

    • Aaron Rupp says:

      We have now done this many times and it has worked out incredibly well. We found it best to educate each customer as you served them. Simply say, “The flavor station to your left has our regular flavors and the flavor station to the right has an all natural variety.” They almost always respond with an enthusiastic, “Thank you.”

      We don’t do it for every event, but we do it quite often where it caters to a specific crowd.

      Hope this helps