Your Snowie Story Contest

Tell Your Snowie Story Contest

Your Snowie Story Contest

Every year we receive countless phone calls from our customers who share with us their success stories. They will tell us about specific events, moments, and often the overall outcome of their whole season. Unfortunately, more often than not, we do not get these stories written, and they only live through our memories here at Snowie.

Well, we would like to change that right now. There are some seriously incredible stories out there to be told, and we are dying to hear them again and have them live on in written form. In fact, we want this so much so, that we are willing to give away a Snowie 1000 Ice Shaver for the story that receives the most Facebook likes.

Because the stories will vary in their topic and tone, it would be an impossible competition to judge on content alone. I believe the only way that we can do this fairly, is to simply judge by the number of likes a submission receives. Because may people will have their own families and friends like their entry, we encourage each of you to do the same. Do everything you can to write a compelling story, and then spread the word.

In order to participate, you must:

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  • Use Snowie Equipment
  • Sell Snowie Products
  • Use Snowie’s Registered Name

Your story must, at least, answer the following:

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  • What did you do for work before Snowie?
  • If you still work on the side, what is it that you currently do?
  • Before you found Snowie, what were you looking for?
  • How did you find Snowie?
  • After all of your searching, what was it that made you choose to do business with Snowie.
  • Describe your success
  • Where do you believe you would be if you did not decide to do Snowie?
  • Your entry must be at least 500 words

icon_bookBeyond these questions, feel free to elaborate. We know many of your stories and they are truly remarkable. Take time to sit back and discuss with your business partners, family members, and communities to help take you back and relive your Snowie experience.

Because web pages time-out and this will take some time to create, we encourage you to write this story on your local computer first using a program like Microsoft Word, Notepad, Text Edit, etc. and then copy the data to the submission page when you are ready. Otherwise, you may sit and write for a long time and lose that data if the submission fails.

Once your submission is received, you cannot edit it. So take time to look it over a time or two and then submit.

We will stop receiving submissions on January 10th, 2014 at 11:59PM MST. We will announce the winner on Monday January 13th, 2014 at 10:00AM MST.

Thank you for being a part of Snowie, we are excited to read your entries and look forward to each and every one of them