In this webinar we discuss three new amazing products, two of which are brand new toppers that you can use to dress up your Shaved Ice.

The first product you are going to be introduced to, however, is not a topper at all.  It is a brand new sugar free option that we are adding to our lineup. As many of you know, we have carried a Splenda option for years that has been a very popular product. But as we continue to enter a more health conscious world, we have received countless requests for a natural sugar substitute.

The product that we have come up with is made from Stevia. This is probably a familiar name to many of you, but one thing you may not realize is the Stevia leaf, or Stevia in it’s raw form, is nasty.  The first person to taste that leaf and think, “you know, this would make a perfect sugar substitute.” deserves some kind of medal. I don’t know how anyone could have ever come to that conclusion. But we worked with this product and got it to the point where most people cannot tell the difference between our Shaved Ice Syrups made with Sugar and Syrups made with Splenda. We had multiple taste tests where most people would say, “I can’t taste the difference.”

The next product we introduce is Lilikoi. This is a Passion Fruit that is commonly found in Hawaii, South America, and similar climates. It also is quite strong in its raw form. We worked with this product and got it to a point where it was the perfect addition to any Shaved Ice. We played with the consistency quite a bit. At first we had a product that would saturate the Shaved Ice like any syrup would do. Then we created a version that went on like a caramel. This was perfect! It allows people to be able to spoon some flavored snow onto their straw and then add some of the thicker Lilikoi to that spoonful. This way, they could control how much Lilikoi they were getting in each bite. You have to try this product. It really is remarkable. I have to have it every time I have a Shaved Ice.

The final product we introduce in this webinar is our new cream topping. Now the first thing I will point out is that it is a dairy product. Our last product had some advantages of not being dairy, and it was still incredibly delicious. This product, however, is blow your mind delicious but it does not carry the benefits of being a non-dairy. Let me clarify. The health department has a whole different set of rules when you start bringing dairy into your operation. For smaller stands like the 8×5 Foot Kiosk or Building, this can be challenging to comply with. Not impossible, just more challenging.  Really, they only thing you need to comply is a commercial refrigerator that can maintain a temperature appropriate for storing dairy. This is now more affordable than it used to be.

Give these new products a try.  Let your customers try them.  Give out free samples and watch them come back again and again to satisfy their craving for Lilikoi and Cream topped Shaved Ice.

New products to Sweeten with Sugar Substitutes and add delicious Toppers to your Shaved Ice

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