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    Damian Harrison

    I don’t like arguing with my wife, but this happened yesterday. We both love visiting restaurants and have our own list of good places. I have always been focused on the quality of food and high technical standards. But my wife says that the easiest way is to look at customer reviews. This is stupid in my opinion because tastes can be very different from person to person. What do you think?

    Simon Miller

    Oh no. I’ll put this on my top list of stupid family arguments) I don’t care how people choose where to dine. I myself am a very practical guy and only look at the facts. The first fact is popularity. If you want to book a table and they regularly tell you that everything is busy, this is a good indicator. The second fact is the quality of cooking. This does not relate to the taste range, but rather to the cooking technology. I welcome those places that have stainless steel equipment even among drop in sinks – https://www.amgoodsupply.com/commercial-sinks/drop-in-sinks This is my guarantee that the food is prepared under normal technological conditions and is safe for my health. This is especially important for all restaurants with a fish menu.

    Magdale Mandala

    Hey! Look, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the best way to serve whiskey on the rocks in restaurant. I’ve always thought that ice could affect the taste of a drink, but I’m not sure how to use it without ruining the experience. Can you share your tips and best practices?

    Bernart Koucheg

    The easiest way is to use large ice cubes or ice balls. They melt slowly, preserving the taste of the whiskey. If you want to dilute the drink even less, you can freeze the whiskey as ice. And don’t forget about the quality of water for preparing ice for whiskey – clean water will help preserve the taste of whiskey. You can also use special molds to make large ice cubes or ice molds to create creative shapes. To cut the ice, you can use a sharp knife or a special tool, such as an ice pick or an ice breaker.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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