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    Sascha Teller

    I’m arriving in Reykjavík in a month. I’m still planning a trip. I’ve heard that the best way to see the most attractive places in Iceland is by renting a car. Hiring tour guides and using public transport is either expensive or it doesn’t help to reach the best sceneries.

    So, do you have such an experience?
    If so, please, help me choose the best places where I can rent a car

    Orb Sole

    I was in Iceland about two years ago. Unfortunately, the company I rented a car in is now closed. But it wasn’t difficult to find it since there are several decent options. I guess, the best approach is to ask tourist guides in an airport or your hotel.
    Good luck with your trip!!

    Evan Parker

    Oh, Iceland is an amazing place, we were there 3 months ago! Now there are a lot of options for tourists, but the demand is very high, so I would advise you to book everything in advance. As for rental car in Keflavik, I can only recommend you https://www.addcarrental.com/iceland that I used myself. We were quite happy with the deal as the car was new, and we picked it up straight from the airport!


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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