The Little Snowie 2 is the real deal!  Our family loves shaved iced – we consider ourselves connoisseurs. So when we found the Little Snowie and read about all the features it offered we jumped on it. So far our expectations have been blow away.  We have a young family and some of the most important features/requirements for us were convenience, speed, and low maintenance.  I can honestly say that this machine easily meets all of these.  One of the best features – is the convenience. It takes less than 30 seconds to put the machine on the counter, plug it in, put cubed ice (straight from our freezer dispenser) into the machine and pump out some of finest shaved ice.  It’s so easy to shave the ice my 2 year old could do it…seriously!  All you have to do is press down on the lid of the ice holder, and it dispenses the ice into any cup/bowl you place at the bottom.  It takes just about 5 seconds to fill an 8oz cup and, the unit has a great cone shaped dispenser that lets you form a round cone at the top of your cup.  This makes it really fun for the kids and lets them be part of the process.  Then of course you get to put the flavors on, which are awesome.  Our favorites are Tigers Blood and Blue Raspberry.  They are high quality, tasty syrups that contain NO high fructose corn syrups.  We love our Little Snowie 2!

Hi just wanted to drop a line and say how absolutely delighted I am with my little snowie. This will be my third summer using it. I just took it out of it’s nice little box and and she started right up like day one. I just wanted to say thank you for such a quality product. I tried using some of the original concentrates sent with it and well they didn’t fair quite as well, so I guess it’s time to order some new ones. Oh dear what flavors to choose?? I’m sure my children and the neighborhood kids will have a say in what flavors they want! Thanks so much for our beloved little snowie.

I just want to thank you for making such an awesome product I can use at home. I purchased a Little Snowie 2 machine from Amazon.com for my fifteen-year-old son for Christmas. It has been the best gift he has ever received! Our family loves shaved ice and I first thought that the machine was made for small children and that it would eventually be sold at a yard sale like the cotton candy and chocolate machines I have purchased for home use in the past, but gratefully, I was wrong! We have been using it daily and it has proven itself to be a sturdy, well-made, and durable household appliance. At the rate we purchase shaved ice during the summer, this machine will save my family loads of money. I cannot thank you enough for the time, effort, and thinking I am sure you had to use to make this home machine work/last as long as it has. I will definitely purchase another Little Snowie 2 if and when this one no longer works, and I hope to be able to purchase a larger machine from your company in the near future as I know the neighborhood kids will be at my door year round wanting a shaved ice. Thank you so much again!

At first glance the price of this item seems a little high. Everyone including myself thinks they can make their own version. After close examination I purchased the ten flavor model. My first outing with this jewel produced $1500 in just three hours, a short event. I would recommend this product to any event driven business. I did exchange the ten for the six and was much happier with fewer choices. The staff at Snowie told me upfront the six would be sufficient and he was right. Go ahead and bite the bullet you be glad you did.

I can speak first hand at the Snowie WOW factor. I bought a second stand that was up and running and didn’t use Snowie. It was the first time I had tried flavors from another brand after buying Snowie and the difference was amazing. The other tasted like medicine in many of the flavors. I immediately ordered Snowie flavors and have heard the “WOW, these are GREAT” comment over and over. Tried and true and worth the money hands down.

If you do big functions like I do, you can’t live with out this.

[Re: Stevia All-Natural Sugar-Free Simple Syrup] Can’t tell the difference. My customers love this option! Thank you!

I just want to Thank You for such an awesome product. My hubby is fighting stage 4 cancer and chemo has messed with his taste. He craves snow like ice, sometimes with syrup sometimes just the ice. He has use it several times a day since we got it. It always puts a smile on his face, and that makes me smile too! Thank you for such a quality product! So glad we got it!!! God Bless You for making a product that does exactly what you say it will do. Thank you again!!!

We’ve had our machine for just over a month and our whole family loves it. We use it every day and used it for two parties. Thank you for creating such a great, affordable machine.

I think I am in Love with my new Snowie Block Pro. I order two Snowie Block Pros. This machine is super fast and the quality of the ice is more than excellent. The ice melts in your mouth. Snowie built a quality machine. I am so happy with my purchase.

Hi Aaron / Gordon, (not sure which one of you checks this) I just finished my third event and it went really well operationally. The biggest challenges are staying on top of event bookings as this year I am searching them out and trying to establish relationships. But I am gaining more and more experience in this area and how to sell what I do. Its much easier once you have pictures to show from prior events…and I have some of those now. I wanted to share some customer experience… My girlfriend tends to work the money window while I tend to work the machine while in the kiosk. I use the Snowie 8oz cups as my small size. #1 Customers tend to want to order a “small” cup for their child. I make them the standard way for an 8oz cup. Their eyes get big and they just say “wow” as we hand it to them. Its awesome. #2 Flower Cups. Holy cow. This is where the owners have as much fun as the customer. We use the large flower cup attachment and use the 8oz flower cups. As we hand over the cups to the customer, their eyes go really wide, they stand there in awe for a moment, then they are at the Flavor Station for 5 mins making colorful sno-cones with that flower cup. We snap pictures of some of them they look so good! #3 The sheer quickness of how long I take to make a small 8oz cup has moms and dads at the serving window just amazed and wishing they had something like that at their house. #4 People love the cool mist system. I make friends quickly with the police, health department inspectors, event organizers, etc who loiter around on occasion and I can cool them off with that sprayer. Its a nice PR device. Love it. Not too mention, my girlfriend is great with kids. She goes outside the booth sometimes, gathers up a few kids, and has them raise their hands in the air to catch the spray of water….so cool. I created a Facebook “page” for my new Snowie business since I get asked for business cards, website, etc and need a place for people to go look me up. Its called “NorCal Snowie”. Would you guys take a stroll through there and offer up any thoughts? Its my first attempt at this and would appreciate any input. Thank you again for the great products!
Hello, I just got accepted into an event for the 4th of July.  First of all, I towed the kiosk over to the event HQ office and that sold them right there.  Holy Cow.  They thought about me being the 3rd shaved ice vendor but I will be the only Snowie with the only flavor station.  Kisok got me in. :) Robbie
Dear Snowie Company, I am writing today to express to you how excited I am to have come across the Little Snowie machine. It started a few weeks back when I purchased one for my husband’s 30th birthday. I had it delivered to the office on purpose – to “win friends and influence people,” if you will – and it caused such a ruckus that a colleague and I went on a mission to raise money to purchase another one to keep here permanently. Little Snowie now has its own little snow room in our building, complete with an ice machine and a variety of syrups. There is nothing like a rainbow colored shaved ice to perk up my colleagues between those never-ending afternoon meetings. So I wanted to extend my thanks for creating such happiness here at Travelocity. Sincerely, Monica Grant ~ Consumer Insight ~ Travelocity
Aaron and Carl, I wanted to thank you guys for creating our snow cone cart for the 2005 season. I have to tell you that we considered this cart a home run! Everyone loved the design and the operation of the cart. Our sales far exceeded expectations and the employees loved working the cart as well. (It is the only air conditioned location for our food service group!) We have always struggled with free standing carts and how they fit in with the look of our park, and this one finally met the test. Thank you and your staff for making this a win win situation for both of our companies. It has been a pleasure working with you this year and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Sincerely, Jim Kerber Manager – Retail Operations – Anheuser-Busch
Snowie, I just wanted to leave a message for you saying how much I love your products! I have a Little Snowie at home and I recently decided to have a go at making my own syrup from concentrates. I love your flavors, especially the watermelon, black raspberry and pink lemon sour. Our kids and the kids in my neighborhood love the cactus juice. I will NEVER buy from another again… thank you so much for offering up this great product! Sincerely, Josh Spaete
Estella, I recently retired from the Coast Guard, and have researched the Snow-cone business for four years. Your Snowie 3000 is, by far, the best on the market. You and Gordon have made getting started in this business a smooth transition. Customer Service and Technical Assistance are OUTSTANDING!!! The trailer is so user friendly, even the minor additions required by our local Health Dept., have not been a problem. We LOVE the Snowie 3000. Our customers are amazed at how fast and fine the snow is made. Because we are in a tourist area, we have gotten customers from all over the country. They tell us your flavors are the BEST! We have had so many repeat customers; we can’t remember their names. Sincerely, Tim & Charlene DeVargas T & C Treats Mobile, AL
Snowie, After much research I decided to try the Little Snowie for home use. I was a little nervous about spending that much money, but I have to tell you it was worth every penny! And compared to the number of food processors I’ve worn out over the years, it’s a bargain. I was absolutely amazed at how well (and QUICKLY) it shaved ordinary ice from my ice maker, and my 4-year-old loves the flavors! I can’t wait for my grandsons to visit, they’re going to love it as well. Thank you for making this product available, as well as your prompt shipping. Five days from order to door is pretty impressive these days! Best Regards, Michelle Palmer
Hi Snowie, Your new web site looks great! I thought I would write and give you one more testimonial – I bought a Snowie Little Blizzard Shaver for my twin daughters 3rd birthday party, It was almost cheaper for me to purchase the Little Blizzard than to rent a traditional “snocone” machine! And the shaved ice is so much better than the old crushed ice of snocones, there is no comparison. Needless to say, the Little Blizzard was the hit of the outdoor party and easily kept up with the demands of 45 hot people. The best part – now we have the Little Blizzard on the kitchen counter ready to go at a moments notice. It’s easy for dad to be a hero with that kind of help! Thanks for a great product. Doug Force
Dear Carl & Gordon, This is just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the help you have given me during my first summer in the shaved ice business. Like any new venture, I ran into some rocks in the road, but they were pretty minor compared to the success we have had this summer. I truly believe that success wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for your willingness to help, your patience, your profound knowledge of the business and your outstanding flavors and concept. Though we still have a couple of weeks of being open this year, I am already looking forward to next year. Best Regards, Steve
Dear Estella, I am returning one of the Little Blizzards, and keeping one. My sister ended up buying one to keep at home for the kids this summer. It seems to work fine for home use. Please issue me an in-house credit for the machine I’m returning. No need to credit my card, due to the act that I plan on ordering two more 1000’s in the near future. We absolutely love Snowie machines. This has to be the best shaver on the market! We are very, very pleased with the performance of the 1000 Shaver. The kids that are working for us this summer are having a blast. They are calling themselves the “Mean, Mean Snowie Team”… …Thank you so much for the great customer service that you’ve extended. I appreciate all of your help. I’ll be talking with you very soon. Sincerely, Renee Owens-Smith
Snowie, At the school I attend, Copper Hills High School, we have a class were the students get to run a store. It sells candy, donuts, popcorn etc. This year our school purchased a Snowie machine. It didn’t sell a lot at first because no one knew about it, but after 2 months we made our first $1000.00 dollars and five weeks after that we made our next $1000.00. That is calculated after we took out the money for sugar, cups, straws and flavors. The Snowie machine has greatly increased the amount of money we get in the store. We sell about $70.00 worth of Snowie’s a day. It has been a great investment for our student body. Thanks, Lindsey, Copper Hills Student
Hi, My wife and I rented various shavers last summer as we embarked on the “shaved ice experience.” By far we found your Snowie machines (1000 & 3000) models to be the best. They were a lot more efficient than anything else. We tried out a few events – some went better than others. Anyway – we’ve decided to try out around 6 events this next summer. I work full-time and my wife is finishing school otherwise we’d be doing a lot more. I just wanted to let you know I think you have the best shavers and your shaver will definitely be the one we buy!! Thanks for your time, Garett
Carl & Gordy, I just wanted to drop you short e-mail and let you know how much Amelia and I appreciate your help. Believe it or not, this year will be our third year in the Snowie business and if things go as well as the past two years, we will make over $60,000 in four months. The shaved ice business seems almost too good to be true. Amelia and I both know a large portion of our success should be contributed to your incredible abilities. Snowie buildings are the best around, Snowie shavers are beyond compare and your expertise is the best in the business. Thanks for making our dreams a reality! Your friends, Daren & Amelia
Dear Snowie, After searching your web site, I saw you started a testimonial page and felt I needed to put in my two cents. I have been in the shaved ice business for a number of years, yet this year has been easier than all other years put together, for several reasons: 1st) Transporting- I can literally transport and setup a Snowie without the help of my husband. Within 30 min I can have the Snowie building setup and selling shaved ice. This is a huge advantage when I want to pickup my ‘permanent’ location to attend a fair or event to make some real serious cash. 2nd) Design- Your buildings are gorgeous and the balloon/sock draws traffic from all directions. I can literally watch every kid tug on his mom’s side from across the parking lot and point right at my building. The mister is also a major thrill to customers. I know for a fact this brings in business from competitors because of the novelty and refreshing environment my Snowie buildings offer. 3rd) If there is one part of my business that makes me shrivel it’s the visit from the ‘board of health.’ I’m so happy someone has finally created a building that makes the Health Inspector smile. Well, I am rambling! You guys are the best. Thanks for creating a building that enables me to sell, sell, sell. I love Snowie! LeeAnn G., Owner of 6 Snowies
Aaron, I have received my shipment, and wanted to thank you for including the flavors I requested. The boxes arrived in good shape, and all contents were as advertised. I tried the little snowie and was impressed with the build quality and power of the unit. It really does a great job at shaving ice, I wasn’t expecting the very powdery ice for the price. You do get what you pay for in most cases, this is one of them. I will try it out a little more this weekend, and give you an update. Thanks again. V/r, Milton Verges