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Snowie Webinar #22

This Thursday, we are going to be doing a Webinar on Financing.  We did a similar webinar last year with Paramount Financial. We still work with Paramount and have a wonderful relationship with them.  However, we are always trying to find ways that make the financial "barrier to entry" a little less drastic and make [...]


Snowie Webinar #23 – Making Block Ice for your Snowie Block Ice Shaver

We will be hosting another webinar tomorrow from Lyle’s location in Cincinnati.  We will be discussing the making of Block Ice.  One thing that we talk about quite a bit is the availability of Block Ice.  In my opinion, If you can find a company that makes solid Block Ice, then consider yourself fortunate and [...]


Webinar #31 – Discussion on the Health Department and your Shaved Ice Business

Today we are going to have a discussion on the Health Department. I have a hard time even saying that in a singular sense because every one of them is completely different than the other. As you will learn, the health code can vary by county. So if you are doing business in multiple counties, [...]

Webinar #32 – Post Your Location… Now!

This year we have received more calls than ever before from people who are looking for Snowie Locations and even better, looking for Snowie Vendors to come and be a part of their event. To clarify, these are individuals who are hosting events and looking for each of you to run your shaved ice business [...]


Webinar #33 – The New Block Ice Shaver

As you know, we pride ourselves here at Snowie for making the very best in Shaved Ice equipment. It is our mantra that there is always a better way and we continue to chase that better way each and every day. So we wanted to take a moment and show you the new and improved [...]

Webinar #35 – New Toppers

Join us this evening (Thursday, July 21, 2016) at 6:00PM (MST) / 8:00PM (EST) for a short Webinar focusing on three new products that we are now launching at Snowie by going here: https://snowie.com/webinars/webinar-35/ During this Webinar, I visit with Callie at the Utah Arts Festival where she discusses three new Snowie Shaved Ice Products. Originally we were only going [...]