Snowie Naturals – Natural Shaved Ice Flavors in Action

Natural Shaved ice

As you know, we have launched our new Snowie Naturals line of Natural Shaved Ice Flavors and Snow Cone Syrups.  This has been an incredible product this year for our clients.  Many of our clients dove right in to introduce this product in their lineup and we have heard great things from them concerning these flavors.

The flavors themselves come with a new branding, but what you might not know is that we have created stands with this look as well.  For most of you, this has been a supplemental product.  It is a healthy alternative to help differentiate you from your competition.  For others, this has become their sole product and they are gearing everything they do around the natural theme.

With that thought in mind, I wanted to submit this video which shows a Snowie Naturals Shaved Ice Kiosk in action as well as a glimpse into the Snowie Naturals Shaved Ice Bus.  Sometimes this is referred to as the Shaved Ice Truck or the Shaved Ice Van.  These are all the same product, but we most commonly refer to it as the Snowie Shaved Ice Bus.

Here we see Callie working in the Kiosk at a Farmer’s Market, which was a big influencer as to why Callie started actually developing the natural flavors.  They were not going to let her return to this event if she did not bring something new to the table that related to Natural and Organic Products.  While we already had Natural Flavors in our radar, this was a great motivator to move us forward.  It also gave us a glimpse as to where other Farmers Markets and Natural or Organic Themed events may go in the future for all of our clients.  So we felt it crucial to launch these flavors and allow our clients to promote Natural Shaved Ice in their individual Shaved Ice stands.

Within this video, you will see Callie using the Snowie Block Ice Shaver.  I just want to put a plug in here for that, because this truly an incredible machine.  Just keep an eye out for it while you are watching the video, because you will not see a block ice shaver that can give you the beautiful, soft snow that block provides, at the speed this machine can crank them out.  It is truly remarkable.