Webinar 32 – Post your Snowie Shaved Ice Business Location… Now!

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During this webinar, we sit down with Jason White to discuss the Location page on Snowie.com. First we discuss some of the reasons for having this page, and then Jason takes us through the functionality of it and instructs us on how to properly submit our location. This has become an important topic this year because we have received an incredible amount of calls asking for the location of your shaved ice business, area of business, what type of stands you have, etc.

Because we are not a franchise, we do not have the ability to answer these questions fairly. For instance, let’s just say you were running a shaved ice business in phoenix and there were multiple Snowie owners around that same area. We receive a phone call here at Snowie corporate from an event that would like to have the Snowie Bus in their vendor lineup. Would you appreciate it if Snowie then gave them the number of your Snowie neighbor but not yours? No, of course you wouldn’t, and it simply would not be fair for Snowie to do so. So we revamped the Snowie Locations page and made it incredibly simple for you to add your own business location. We have improved this so much so, that you can even use this as your primary website for your Snowie Business.

You have the ability to add pictures of your stand, shaved ice equipment, and your customers eating delicious shaved ice with their friends and family. You have the ability to explain your rates, hours of operation, area of business, whether you are mobile or if you have a semi-permanent stand. Most importantly, you now have the ability to capture the request of every venue, marketing director, concession company, event manager, that is requesting the presence of Snowie.

Now, please notice the specific request for Snowie. These organizers did not come to Snowie to find a company that was functioning with different equipment, or under a different name. We understand that many of you use Snowie equipment, but brand yourself under your own name, look, and feel. We have never discouraged this and we help you every step of the way if this is your desire. However, this page was constructed for those of you who brand yourself as Snowie. The people who are looking at this map, are looking for Snowie branded stands and equipment. When you sign our marketing and trademark agreement, there are many things you get in return, this is one of them.

This year, we have noticed an all time high in the requests for your information, yet we hardly have anyone signed up on our locations page. This page was built for you. We built it upon your request but you have to be the one to fill it out. Take the time right now and enter your information, you will be glad that you did.

If you have trouble with some of the information it is asking for, take a moment and watch this webinar. Jason takes you through every step in creating your location and explains what each section is asking for. He shows you where that information is displayed on your page and where to edit it, if necessary.

Thank you all once again for choosing Snowie as your supplier and partner in your Shaved Ice Business.

You can also find the video here: https://snowie.com/video-gallery/webinar-32-post-your-snowie-shaved-ice-business-location-now/