Webinar #29 – The Power and Value of the Snowie Brand – Now Available

Webinar #29 – The Power and Value of the Snowie Brand

This webinar is on Branding. To be specific, it is on the Snowie Shaved Ice brand and the benefit you have in doing business as Snowie.

As many of you know, we will also build our stands and let people put their own custom graphics on them. Some of these stands are selling other products all together. For instance, we have built concession stands for people who are selling Hot Dogs, Coffee, Waffles, Crepes, Roasted Nuts, Cotton Candy, Doughnuts, Smoothies, Soda, Cookies, Lemonade, Ice Cream, Clothing, and more. For these people, this webinar does not necessarily apply.

This webinar is geared to those of you who are doing Shaved Ice as a business and are debating whether or not you want to do it under the Snowie name. We feel there are countless advantages in doing business as Snowie, and this webinar discusses some of them.

So… What is Branding? Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from that of your competitors.

When using your own brand, you do not have any “Parent Company” which means you have limited or no access to expertise. The only track record you have to go by is your competition. You must then create or invent your own systems and you must start your own branding and name recognition from scratch. You also lack a very valuable support system. There are, as I have mentioned before, many of our customers that choose to do business in this way. We do not discourage them at all. You will notice when you call in to Snowie that you will receive no pressure. We are here for you, and we are happy to help you do business in any way you wish.

Some people will do business using their own name just to ensure they have the freedom to do business in their own way. You would be surprised by the freedom that you maintain when doing business as Snowie. We have a couple, simple items that you must comply with, but outside of that, you are as free as you would be had you opened under your own brand. We truly believe that when people have freedom to do business their way, they far exceed what they would have done had they been restricted by business practices dictated from the “parent company.”

We discuss some items and areas that you might be missing out on when deciding to go with your own brand. Now let’s touch on a few benefits that you receive when doing business as Snowie.

First, you get instant recognition. We are in all 50 states and in 44 additional countries. We have over 6000 Snowie Vendors. You automatically gain a reputation, not only with customers but with Health Departments as well. I cannot tell you how nice it is to walk into the health department and have them say, “Oh yeah, we have done Snowie stands before. This will be a piece of cake.”

You also gain a reputation with vendors and potential locations. How nice is it when you can approach Wal-Mart, Associated Foods, or Kroger’s for instance and they already know that your stand is beautiful, durable and dependable. That it is easy to clean and maintain. The last thing they want in front of their store is a stand that is decaying, hard to maintain and difficult to look at. They learn who the manufacturers are of stands, and when you give them Snowie’s name, it is absolutely synonymous with quality.

Our quality of our concession or Shaved Ice stands will help you be able to secure your location or venue as well. We have said many times before that one of your best tools for pitching a location or a spot in a venue, is your equipment itself. Take it to them and let them see your Snowie Shaved Ice Building, Kiosk, or Bus in person. It makes all the difference in the world.

There are some significant advantages when the “parent company” is also the manufacturer. Not only do you get the expertise that we referred to earlier, but you also get a product knowledge that exceeds all others. We know our products inside and out because we create them.

Snowie manufacturers every item that we sell. We sell Shaved Ice Stands in the form of Buildings, Kiosks, and Carts, as well as the Bus which is a completely mobile unit that can travel like a food truck or an ice cream truck.

We manufacture all of our Ice Shavers or Shaved Ice Machines, this includes our Block Ice Shaver, and our variety of Cube Ice Shavers as well.

We create our whole line of the most delicious flavors available.

In addition to what the public sees, we also create equipment that is behind the scenes to help make running your Shaved Ice Business easier and more proficient.

We offer these expertise at no cost to our customers. Where other, similar businesses will charge $4000 – $5000 per year, we do not charge our customers anything for our knowledge and expertise.

We also offer more resources and Materials than ever before. Lyle created a list to better illustrate what it is that we share with you when you do business as Snowie.

We produce forms:
Location based Forms:
Location Contracts
Cup Count
Open/Close Lists
Delivery Stock List
Season Prep List

Event based Forms:
Event Contract
Cup Count
Open/Close Lists
Delivery Stock List
Stock Diagrams

Bus based Forms:
Cup Count
Stock List
Open/Close Lists
Stock Diagrams

Employee based Forms:
Interview Questions
Hiring Forms

Then we also offer a large list of items that fall within our Marketing Program.

Media Marketing:
Media Releases
Media Marketing
Website Locator

Leave Behinds

Presentation / Pitch Kits:
Day Care / Business
Birthday Parties
Block Parties
Graduation Parties
Corporate Parties

Banners / Decals
Business Cards
Punch Cards
Gift Cards ($5, $10, $20)

An additional part of this list is what we call the Snowie Business Center that gives you the following:

Management Tools:
Business Plan
When to Work (Employee Scheduling)
Advertising Materials
Marketing Agreement


Exclusive Webinars

Snowie T-Shirts
Golf Shirts
Button Down
Tag-Line T-Shirts
Hoodies / Jackets

Snowie Mascot

So what is required to obtain all that we have now mentioned?

You will need to sign our trademark agreement which essentially means that you will be using the Snowie name. That you will follow the guidelines that we have set forth when using that name, which are:

We require that you use Snowie Flavors to ensure that every person that comes to Snowie will taste the same delicious, Shaved Ice flavors that they experienced at another Snowie. And, of course, your equipment must always be in good repair, thus giving you the visual appeal that Snowie is known for.

Sit down for a moment and watch our latest discussion on the Power and Value of using the Snowie brand.