Today we discuss additional new products to help you in your shaved ice business. The primary product we are discussing in the video is the new Caddy. The Caddy is intended for use with the three versions of our Table Top Flavor Station and the brand new Cube 9 Flavor Station. As Carl discussed in the video, there are many reasons and ways to use the Caddy in your business. If you own a brick and mortar shop and would like to serve your flavors out on the sidewalk or in the middle of your store where your clients can easily flavor their own shaved ice, it is now very easy for one person to wheel your flavor station to wherever you wish. Our Table Top Flavor Stations come in three sizes: 6, 8, and 10 Shaved Ice Flavors served off of two sides. Although the beginning of this video shows the Caddy being used with the Table Top Flavor Station, the majority of its content is focused on how to use the Caddy to help you take your Cube 9 Flavor Station in and out of the Bus and place it in the crowd for their convenience. The Bus, however, is only one example, you can use the caddy with a truck, van, moving van, etc. We can even adjust the height of the Caddy to your specifications. You will see Carl effortlessly load the Cube 9 Flavor Station into the Snowie Bus using the Caddy. When he takes it out of the Bus you will notice that he, very easily, slides it onto the Caddy, pins it to keep the Cube 9 in place, and then places his flavor station out in front of the Bus where the crowd resides. While some people may naturally refrain from placing the flavor station within the crowd, I am here to tell you, that is exactly where you need to place it. It is amazing how much business your stand receives when there is a flavor station in the flow of your crowd. They watch people flavoring their own shaved ice and see that they can control the quality of their own product and they hop in line. This Caddy really is a game changer. I am sure that many, if not all, of you can relate to setting up an event on your own. Those of you who have our small 6 Flavor Station (or larger) know how difficult and awkward it can be to maneuver on your own. Some would say it is impossible, I think Carl even uses that term in the video. It really is a two man job. I have setup many events on my own where I have given a free shaved ice to a guy who can help me lift the Flavor Station and place it on its base. That is no longer a problem if you are using a flavor station like the cube 9. You can simply slide it to the Caddy, and wheel it where you want it. You can now setup any event on your own! Carl also addresses the current built-in flavor station on the bus as well as the new saucer concept that will be coming out on future models as well as their own stand-alone versions. They are both incredibly convenient especially when used with the bus. It does not require that you lift any significant weight, and it is all self contained within the bus. You will notice that Carl is using the Cube 9 along with the flavor station on the bus. This is common. It allows you to serve even more people at one time, and it is always a benefit to pull your line away from your order window. That way it will not interfere with your process of selling the shaved ice. You want your line to form around the flavor station, and to better control that line, you can add or eliminate additional flavor stations.

Today we discuss additional new products to help you in your shaved ice business. The primary product we are discussing in the video is the new Caddy. The Caddy is […]