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Welcome to the all new Snowie.com! Our goal with this new website is to make the customer experience better in every way. Our new website starts with a brand new fresh modern design, and makes it much easier to browse the site and find what you are looking for. Learning, finding, and ordering products on our site has just become a whole lot easier. Feel free to browse around and if you have any questions or feedback of any sort we’d love to hear from you to see how we can serve you better.

Thanks for visiting the all new Snowie.com!

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    • Mauricio Monroy says:

      Yes we do contact

      Adam DiCosola at Strada Capital Corporation
      Phone: 949-789-8850 x232
      Fax: 949-789-8855
      Mail: Strada Capital Corporation
      23046 Avenida de la Carlota #270
      Laguna Hills, CA 92653
      Apply Now

    • Mauricio Monroy says:

      The company provided on line will finance big purchase like carts, kiosk and buildings nothing smaller then 5000,00 dollars. you can pick up a stainless pan from any restaurant supply store to be able to make you block ice if there is no where to buy it in your area. If you have any other questions call us at 801-268-2225 speak with Emily or my self.

  1. Maria says:

    Do you guys offer any kind of a convention/training such as your competitor Kona? My husband and I are considering buying the yellow bus, however were not sure if their is some kind of training, marketing info, or do we buy a bus and read the literature?

    • Mauricio Monroy says:

      Hi Maria we do not offer any kind of training at the moment. We would provided you with an owners manual that shows you how to run the bus. If you would be able to pick up the bus here in Salt Lake City we can definitely train you on how to run the bus and show you how to use everything inside of it. If you have any other questions questions regarding the bus you can contact Estela her # is 801-268-2225 ext 101 or Lyle Rupp # 513-236-4848. Hope to hear from you soon Maria


  2. Jackie says:

    Hi, Can someone please help me, I have contacted snowie twice now through the website contact form and have had no reply from both contact forms submitted. I live in Australia in Far North Queensland and would like to run a snowie business but have a couple of questions in regards to carts/kiosks and signage etc.


  3. andres says:

    Yo tengo maquina de snowie pero necesito solicitar informacion sobre la composicion quimica de los jarabes ya preparados de litro.

    necesito esta información para efectuar un permiso pendiente

    lime lemon
    cotton candy pink
    wild cherry


    • Aaron says:

      First, I am sorry for the delay. Your message should have been sent to another system that we monitor for all of our messages. It did not go there, so this is the first I have seen it. Now, to answer your question: All of our listing and pricing for syrups are online. We would be happy to send you a catalog if you want to shoot me your shipping address. As far as marketing, you will need to sign a trademark agreement which means that you are using Snowie’s name and flavors. Then we will be able to help you with marketing materials. If you have additional questions, please call me 801-268-2225 and ask for Aaron

  4. Jim A says:

    I’m interested in purchasing a Snowie Bus but live in Wilmington NC. Can the bus only be picked up in SLC, Utah or can we pick one up by Lyle in Ohio?

    • Aaron says:

      You would normally be able to pick one up in Ohio, however, at this time of year we are far past our inventory and are building them as quickly as possible. Right now, your wait time is about 5 weeks from the time you order and it will most likely ship from Salt Lake. I do believe we have a bus going to Cincinnati here shortly, and you may be able to work a deal on that with Lyle if you want to give that a shot.