Snowie – Your Story Contest 2015! Win $500 in Snowie Shaved Ice Flavors

Your Snowie Story Contest 2015

Spring Is Officially Here! In celebration of that we are kicking off our 2015 Season with a new contest that could be a huge benefit for you this year.

As many of you know, the cost to maintain and run a Snowie shaved ice business is really quite low, especially when compared to other businesses. And where most businesses take years to pay down their debts, the average Snowie shaved ice equipment owner can pay off their equipment within one season.

While we were deciding on what to give away in a contest this time around, we thought, “lets give them something that will really effect their bottom line.” And one thing that everyone purchases and everyone needs throughout the summer are the most delicious shaved ice flavors available.

So right now, in exchange for your story, we are giving away the chance to win $500 in Snowie Shaved Ice Flavors. This can be any of our flavors, including our Natural Flavors, as well as the new supplements for our Smart Snacks for Schools product (available the first week in April) and our Boost product (coming out the latter part of April). Whatever you want in the form of flavors, we will send you $500 worth. As a side note, you do need to pay the shipping on those flavors.

Here you can find the rules and guidelines to our contest:

Your Snowie Story Contest 2015!

Note: We must receive at least 20 entries for this contest to occur. If we do not receive a minimum of 20 entries, the contest will be canceled. So make sure to enter your story right away!