Snowie Webinar #12 – The Latest in Shaved Ice from Snowie (Tomorrow)

Ice Shaver
Ice Shaver
Snowie Shaved Ice

Snowie has had another year of amazing innovation and improvement in their shaved ice equipment and we would like to take 30 minutes this week to make sure everyone is aware of what those items are and how they can ultimately help their business.

One of the primary things we will be discussing is the new magnetic flower cup attachments that can be used on every one of our ice shavers.  You will need to make sure that you have a blade housing that has a mounted magnet on it.  If you do not, then the best way to make the transition to the new flower cup attachments is to purchase them bundled with a new housing.  Snowie is offering a 15% discount when you purchase all of these products together.

Ice Shavers
Large Flower Cup Attachment

For a while now, we, as well as our customers have come up with creative but inconvenient ways to fill a flower cup from any of the Snowie Ice Shavers.  Our innovative “Cone Topper” that is built into the blade housing on each of the ice shavers, has been the perfect solution to topping shaved ice when it came to regular cups.

The purpose of this cone topper was to allow you to be able to make the round top that is famous on shaved ice without using a gloved hand or something that could fall on the ground.  Health departments everywhere have loved our shavers because they do not require any further “hands-on” than the regular shaving process.

It wasn’t until the advent of the Flower Cup, that made us contemplate an alteration.  We have gone down many different avenues, even creating our own cups, but nothing quite worked to our satisfaction.  So it was back to the shaver, however, we did not want to alter the design of the topper and the blade housing, so we came up with the perfect Magnetic Attachment.

Once you click this attachment in place, the snow will not knock it loose.  You can leave it there as long as you like.  It comes in two sizes, Large and Small for your preference.  Some people like to have the smaller top even in the bigger cups.  Others, love to put as much snow as they can on that wide top.  So this provides options for whatever you would like to do.

We will also be discussing other various items and services that you may be unaware of.

We will be hosting the regular meeting through gotomeeting like we do every week, only this week, we may be doing an extra broadcast through google+ hangout on air.  The best way to reach that broadcast will be through our youtube channel