Snowie Summit Attendees are coming from around the world

Shaved Ice Business Training, Business Training

Last year’s Snowie Shaved Ice Summit brought together a wonderful, unique group of people from various locations across the United States, Mexico and Trinidad.

As you can imagine, their success stories were widely varied and they all brought unique perspectives about running a shaved ice business. Some of them have done it for years, others ran similar vendor-based industries in the past and many of them were just starting out. Everyone had one thing in common though: an entrepreneurial desire to improve their lives.

The 2014 Snowie Summit was an incredible event. Attendees were able to learn from one another as well as the experts at Snowie who have been in the shaved ice business for over 37 years. These same Snowie veterans have also been the forerunners and primary innovators for new products, equipment and techniques in the shaved ice industry. These advancements have driven the entire shaved ice industry to new heights and helped shaved ice vendors everywhere realize greater potential.

So what does this mean for you? It means that shaved ice owners are able to make money at areas, venues, arenas, stadiums, locations, and events where they never have before. The opportunities were available, but they weren’t profitable. Because of Snowie, shaved ice stands everywhere can make high quality shaved ice faster and sell it to more customers in a shorter amount of time.

It’s been said in our business that, “If there is anything good that will come into the world of shaved ice, it will be from the hands of Carl Rupp.” Here at Snowie, we take great pride in this statement. If you were to look at the shaved ice industry over the past 16 years, you would see that every significant innovation has come from the Snowie Shaved Ice workbench. If you expand that gaze over the past three decades, those innovations would still be tied directly to one of our our founding father’s. Carl Rupp has been an absolute pioneer in this industry, and we are proud to be a part of that legacy.

This experience and hands-on know-how hasn’t gone unnoticed by you folks — members of the Snowie family. Our 2015 Snowie Summit attendance has grown in both size and scope since last year. So far, we have five times the number of attendees we had in 2014 — not just from the contiguous U.S., but far and wide from locations such as Hawaii, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nicaragua, St. Vincent, and Spain.

Shaved Ice Business Training, Business Training

No matter what nation or economic background our guests are from, they’re all coming to the Snowie Summit for the same reason: they want to take their shaved ice business to the next level. They want to learn to be the best from the best. Every day, more and more people sign up for this year’s Snowie Summit because they know it will help them achieve this goal. On the other side of things, we always love to meet our owners face-to-face and talk about our favorite subject: Shaved Ice.

If you already own, or have ever thought about owning and running your own shaved ice business, come and see us at the 2015 Snowie Summit. In addition to inside knowledge from the pros, you’ll also learn about the very latest innovations in shaved ice equipment and supplies, including ice shavers, flavors, syrups, concession stands, trailers and shaved ice trucks and busses. No matter how you want to approach this business, we have a solution for you.

We’re looking forward to meeting each of you at this year’s Snowie Summit in Salt Lake City on February 5 and 6.

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4 thoughts on “Snowie Summit Attendees are coming from around the world

  1. Pedro Jose Martini says:

    Hello, I am base in Spain, I would like to open snow cones shops all around spain by frichise system placing them mostly in Shoping Malls.
    I would like to buy your snow cones machines, could you give me an ofer for your most profesional and reliable machines.

    Thank you very much in advance
    my phone is 0034699447293

    • Aaron says:

      If you are looking to do this on a professional level, you will want to either go with the Snowie Block Ice Shaver, or the Snowie 3000 Cube Ice Shaver. They are the highest quality, commercial grade shavers we have.

      Your decision now, is whether to shave from block ice or cube.

      Please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you,

      – Aaron

    • jorge ramirez says:

      buenas tardes, tengo dos maquinas snowie 1000 aca en Bogota Colombia, quisiera tener un contacto mas directo con algún funcionario de snowie, para hacerle algunas preguntas y pedir asesoría, en este momento quiero fabricar un carrito snowie y quisiera saber si es posible ponerle publicidad de snowie. Muchas Gracias

      • Aaron says:

        Estaríamos encantados de ayudarle de cualquier manera que podamos. Por favor, siéntase libre de correo electrónico [email protected] para un mayor contacto directo .

        Vamos a dejar de utilizar nuestro logo e incluso imprimir en su área si usted firma un acuerdo de marca comercial con nosotros que esencialmente establece que usted va a utilizar nuestros sabores en su stand.