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Snowie Smart Syrup
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Earlier we had given you information that you could use to speak with schools and communicate with them that your shaved ice business now complies with the Smart Snacks in Schools program.

We have now created a few more avenues for you to be able to pitch schools using this program as a platform. First, we have created a flyer or a leave-behind that you can mail to school administrators or use as a piece to lead your discussion with them in person. Leave this flyer behind to act as a constant reminder that you would like to do business with and contribute money to their school.

We have also created an email template that you can use in Constant Contact, MailChimp, and others. It will keep the same school themed feel so that they will recognize it and remember your conversation upon receiving it.


Flyer Front and Back



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Mailer Template




For those of you who have signed our trademark agreement and currently have access to our owners documents, you will already find this flyer within the folder marked “Marketing Materials.” While I am on that subject, let me expand on that a bit.

Trademark Info

Our trademark agreement basically states that if you are using the Snowie name and branding yourself as Snowie, we require a few things. They are the following:
  1. We require that you use our flavors so that everyone that visits a Snowie gets the same delicious shaved ice flavors every time they visit a Snowie, regardless of the location.
  2. We require that you keep your stand in good repair
  3. We require that you keep your stand clean and tidy.

I don’t know why you would ever want your business to look run down, but remember, you committed to keep it looking professional, clean, attractive, and appealing to approach. There is definitely enough money in this business to keep your stand current and looking sweet! So make that effort, it will make all the difference in how people approach your stand, and the appearance of every stand reflects on all of us.

For the rest of you, it is not necessary to sign our trademark agreement to use this product. It is to be used with Snowie Flavors, and if you use this flyer, you must use the Snowie Smart Syrups supplement advertised within it.

To clarify, if you are marketing your business as something other than Snowie, you are still welcome to use our flavors and the Snowie Smart Syrup supplement.

Good luck with the remainder of this School year and the beginning of next. Also, have an incredible summer! The season is upon us and we wish each of you the greatest success.


2 thoughts on “Snowie Smart Syrups Flyer & Mailer Templates

  1. luke says:

    Your guys blogs are great! Have you done anything on getting a health permit though? What are the restrictions that (just) apply to selling shaved ice?


    • Aaron says:

      Thanks, we actually have a webinar on the health department that I just shot, however, it had many technical problems so I am going to re-shoot it quickly. The Health Department restrictions vary by county, so that is an impossible question to answer on such a broad scale. I will tell you that our stands will pass 90% of the health departments out there. For those that do not pass, we can help you get the things you need before we ship your stand. We just need to know what that is. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss this with you.