Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar Series #1 – Flavor Station Cost/Benefits

Shaved Ice, Webinar, Snowie

Yesterday was the first day in our new Webinar Series.  There was a lot of valuable information shared during this event about Flavor Station Cost.  If you have ever wondered what kind of numbers you could make with Shaved Ice, this is absolutely worth a watch.

Lyle is our numbers guy.  If a spreadsheet can be made to communicate anything, Lyle has created it.  He shares some very interesting numbers throughout this video that relate to the many different markets in shaved ice, as well as a cost/benefit analysis on the Flavor Station.  If you are one of those people that have always wondered whether a flavor station would be profitable while people applied their own flavor, you must watch this.

Once you have watched this video, please join us next week and every Thursday at 11:00 AM MST.  This is a type of meeting that allows every attendee to comment, ask questions, and even connect with one another.  Our mission is simply to do everything we can to help you succeed.  We see this series as a very important step in helping make that happen.

Thank you for joining us, we look forward to hearing from you next Thursday!

Shaved Ice, Webinar, Snowie
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2 thoughts on “Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar Series #1 – Flavor Station Cost/Benefits

  1. Darren Young says:

    I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, 10 mins from the Halifax, NS temple. We went to Hawaii a few years back and have great memories of Matsumato’s and the taste of shave ice. We have about 3-5 months here where the weather is usually nice. My question is, do you have anybody selling your product in Canada, specifically the east coast? Could be a fresh market, although seasonal except for indoor events. Interested in your products. Doing a lot of research right now. Going through your webinars and website. A few kids to put through university. This may help:)

    • Aaron says:

      Thank you very much for your interest in Snowie Shaved Ice. We do have a handful of customers in Canada. I do not know for sure about the east coast specifically, but if you are not seeing them all over, that is a great potential for you to enter your “Fresh” Market.

      Just a few comments, I would say that 90% of our customers all run this business in a seasonal area. So don’t be discouraged that it is seasonal at all. It is good to open in seasonal areas, because the product is like a new item for them each and ever summer.

      Also, we have a lot of clients that will buy this business so that they can have their kids run it and put themselves through school. It is a great way to introduce them to the business world and have them value that money they are putting into college.

      Please let us know of any other questions you have. We would love to help you through this process.

      – Aaron