Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #15 – New Financing Opportunities (Recording)


Let me start with this… If you are thinking about getting into the Shaved Ice Business with Snowie, you simply must watch this webinar!  In the end it is about 58 minutes long.  It is probably the best hour you could spend if you are either currently doing shaved ice or are thinking about doing so.

Out of all the webinars that we have done, this has quickly jumped to be one of my favorite.  This new development alone has created tons of new opportunities for you, our clients.

Financing has never been an easy road for many people, and I feel like the broadest chains that hold many people back from achieving their dreams, have just been severed.

When we first started down this path, I was shocked, multiple times, throughout our conversations on the advantages that you receive from financing your equipment in this manner.  Then we had a few more discussions and I continued to be shocked.  Then, we have this meeting today, and there were additional items discussed that surprised me even further.  I about choked when Drew mentioned that you could be approved in only a few hours.

With all of these benefits, there is one that stands out greatly.  It is a benefit for both you and Snowie.  Lyle mentioned briefly how we often run into a bottleneck when producing large items, like stands and busses, for people.  What happens each year is people will think about doing the business throughout the winter, and then as soon as spring hits, they are full steam ahead.  However, even though we have built our shaved ice stands, busses, trucks, etc. throughout the winter and even continue to build them as fast as we can, the fact still remains that it is very difficult to keep up with that immediate demand, especially when it exceeds our supply.

Now you can take possession of that equipment long before your season starts, say December or January, and not have to submit your initial payment until April or May.  This allows you to become familiar with your product, practice making the perfect shaved ice, and ask us all the questions in the world, all before your season begins.

So take an hour, kick back and watch as we broaden your potential!

– Snowie