Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #12 – Snowie Tour and New Products (Recording)

Flavor Station

I apologize for the delay.  I actually spilled Diet Coke on my Mac and was unable to use it for 3 days.  I am, however, ecstatic because I am using that very machine right now with no sign of any glitches.

Because our original #12 got messed up, between Jason and I, we got carried away with our numbering convention.  I am going to go back and call this one #12 so that everyone will not forever wonder what happened to 12 when they see it missing.  The one that we did on the 3000 Ice Shaver and the Block Ice Shaver, I will call #13 and I will release that one just following this one.

Anyway, with that said, let’s talk a bit about this broadcast.  First, be kind.  It was my first broadcast through ustream, and man, did I ever have issues.  I trial ran this webinar about seven times throughout the night and didn’t run into one problem, but when the live broadcast came on, there were many.

But, on the upside, you are able to take a bit of a tour through our shop.  We discuss our shipping area that supplies all of the US and 40+ additional countries.  We then walk back through our Ice Shaver Manufacturing area and then where we build our Stands and our Food Trucks.

We discuss some new options with the Busses as well.  If you would like to change up the theme on a Bus, you are more than welcome.  You do not have to stick with the “School Bus” theme.  The truck will still maintain the same shape, but you can choose the color and change the decals.  In the tour, we show a Pink Food Truck that we are building right now that is not going to be labeled a “Bus” at all.  It is being built to do Shaved Ice like the other busses, but is going to be a privately labeled food truck.

We then discuss the flower cup attachments a bit more and some of the other changes we have made around flower cups, like new extensions for the Flavor Station to better allow someone to fit their flower cup under the spigots.

Speaking of the Flavor Station, we discuss the new wraps that we are now making.  The wrap is the part that surrounds the flavor jugs and is covered in a decal.  These used to be more of a poster type material, so it was very easy for them to get wrinkled and start looking bad.  Now these are very sturdy and they continue to look very sharp.  If you have an older wrap, you will want to change it up to this for sure.

We also discuss our Table Top Flavor Station.  This is a great item if you are wanting to put everything on a counter and do business from there.  It has a small foot print and is easy to set up by yourself.  This is also an ideal flavor station for those that have a store front where Shaved Ice is another product among the many other items that you sell.

Thank you for joining us this week.