Snowie is the Official Shaved Ice Supplier for Duck Commander

Duck Commander, West Monroe

Shaved Ice Supplier

As many of you guessed, Snowie traveled to West Monroe, LA to meet with the folks at Duck Commander. We are thrilled to be their official Shaved Ice supplier. While we were there, we visited their warehouse, sat in their chairs, blew in their duck calls, and educated them on how to run the best shaved ice business possible! There will be some more talk about the details on this in a few days that we cannot say now.

Gordon, Duck Commander, West Monroe

Let me first take a moment to speak about the people at Duck Commander. We are very grateful to them and their incredible hospitality. They treated us extremely well from the moment we arrived to the time of our departure. They were repeatedly grateful to us for coming out and showing them the ropes, and we are grateful to them, of course, for having us do so. I would like to shoot a special thanks to John Luke Robertson, John David Owen, Jon Gimber, and Brian. We primarily worked with them during our visit and feel like we have left with newly forged friendships atop our business relationship.

Duck Commander

Johnny D, Duck Commander

Now, as I mentioned, I cannot share everything that is happening at the moment, but would like to share what I can.

A few months ago, they called and shared with us how they had done a ton of research on block ice shavers and decided that the Snowie block ice shaver was hands down, the best they had ever seen. How cool is that?

As our conversations continued beyond that initial purchase, we explained many of the additional items that Snowie offers. It was then proposed that we come out and spend a day with them.

Shaved Ice Supplier - Duck Commander

We showed them how to properly freeze and manage their blocks of ice.

We introduced them to our Sweet Thickener which they can use to make any of our flavors sugar free.

Shaved Ice Supplier - Gordon, John Luke, Duck Commander

They were exposed to our Natural line of flavors that do not contain any artificial flavors or colors.

We had them try our Cream Topping, which was an amazing experience when we had their whole staff compare the traditional sweetened condensed milk with our Cream Topping. 100% of those who tried them both, not only voted for Snowie’s, but sounded a verbal, “Whoa! That One!” pointing to Snowie’s Cream Topping. This topping, by the way, will pass any health department in the nation.

Duck Commander

We showed them the many different ways to mix your sugar water. You can use a 30 gallon mixer to get a large job done quickly, or you can mix your sugar water 5 gallons at a time using our drill mount mixer.

We shared with them how we would lay out our Shaved Ice Machine, Flavors, Concentrates, Pour Bottles, Sugar Water, Freezers, Registers, Bottles Racks, etc. in order to make it the most efficient and profitable stand possible.

Duck Commander

We discussed the use of self serve Flavor Stations to really move a crowd when necessary, yet offer also the pouring of the flavors by employees when things are more calm and you want to give your customers the option of 40 or more flavors.

Each time we shared something new, they would say cool and complimentary things to us like, “Man, we are so glad you came here, this changes everything,” or “you guys are the bomb!” as Brian would often say.

Shaved Ice Supplier - duck commander

It sounds like I am just tooting Snowie’s horn here, and well, I guess I am. We train people all of the time, but rarely do we get the opportunity to go onsite where someone has tinkered for a bit to see what they would do naturally. We take for granted the fact that we have done this for 38 years and it was cool to see the benefit of bringing that experience and our equipment to the table.

We try hard, each and every day, to create equipment that makes running a shaved ice business easier, faster, more entertaining, more profitable, and thus more enjoyable.

We look forward to our continued relationship with Duck Commander and will keep you apprized of new developments.

Shaved Ice Supplier - Duck Commander, West Monroe

We will be sending out some Duck Commander prizes and gear to many of you who commented and created great images with Duck Commander and Snowie Shaved Ice.

Stay tuned for more great things to come.

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  1. Aaron Larson says:

    Congrats guys! So good to see home town boys doing so well. Keep up the good work.