Shout out to the Back Section

I have been to many concerts in my life and have just recently attended a couple within the last month.  I have always been intrigued by the power that a known artist has when you put them in front of a crowd that paid to see them.  I have always enjoyed it when the artist takes the time to speak with the crowd, to relate to them, to share with them where the inspiration came to write certain material, etc.

I have noticed that in every show, well in those shows that are large enough to have a “back section,” that the artist will always… Always take the time to give a shout out to the back section.  One artist I saw recently took longer than normal and shared how he was always the one at the back fence, and he related to them and thanked them for coming.  It was a cool sentiment, and I liked it for a moment, but then I thought about those in the front row.

Why is it that those who are in the front row are never acknowledged?  Sure, some of them get the hand to touch while the artist performs, but they never get the verbal praise that the back row always receives.  Why is that?

Why is it that our culture seems to have a growing disdain for success?  I don’t understand it.  I mean that is really where this is coming from, right?  The assumption is that the person who mustered up enough change to get in, is the one who really sacrificed to be there.  And that the person in the front row was just born to fortune and could afford such a seat due to inheritance alone.

Where is the story of the kid who has been so effected by the artist that he or she would sacrifice sleep, exhaust blood, sweat, and tears, work fingers to the bone in order to have within arms reach, their inspiration, their goal, their hope, their passion?

Let’s even take a step back and picture the guy that hardly knows of the artist, but simply wanted to have a life where he could experience a show, or multiple shows from a seat that provided the best experience possible.  So that through his efforts, he could also be inspired and effected like those in the “back section.”

So this piece does not get mis-interpreted, I was in the back section.  I have almost always been in the back section, unless their wasn’t one, and then I would always fight my way forward.


However, I sat this week in admiration of those that had seats just before the stage.  That were experiencing a different show entirely.  I admired the extra effort that they made, in order to be able to afford that experience.  I mean, for not much less, I was watching a show primarily from a few large monitors, but was hearing live music.  They were so close to the individuals perfuming, that the monitors were out of their peripheral.

I experience things like this and it makes me want to work harder, to achieve more, to be able to provide comforts for my family that they could not previously enjoy.  Who doesn’t want that?  We all do right?  So why are we not seeing the front section as a goal?  Why are we as artists, not thanking those who may have sacrificed far more in order to have a more personal experience with us and our creations?

Of course, I will always tie this back to Snowie Shaved Ice.  That is why we are here.  There are many of you that are looking for avenues to supplement your income, to replace your job, to ease your retirement, or even simply find employment.

Everything we provide, we gear to you.  Your lifestyle, your time, your budget, your goals.  We do not supply you with equipment that you cannot afford, you simply start at a level you are comfortable with and expand from there.

We do not charge you Franchise Fees or Royalties.  Although we provide you with the best education in the industry.

This business is mobile, if your location is not working… move, and find a better one.  If you feel that this business is not the right fit, you can simply sell your equipment and make yourself whole again.  You do not have additional fees and contracts that hold you obligated to anyone.

Our mission has always been to put others into business for themselves.  The reality is that every one of you reading this at this time, could own a profitable business tomorrow.  I am not saying you will be a millionaire, I am saying that you should be able to increase your income by $30,000 – $50,000 this summer with mild effort.  The more you devote yourself and the more you expand, the higher that number becomes.

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