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Our Snowie Shaved Ice decal signs are made vinyl material with an adhesive back and has a 5 year outdoor life. It’s the perfect way to brand your building, kiosk, or cart.

Available Decal Sign Sizes:

  • 12 x12 Shaved Ice Decal Sign
  • 18×18 Shaved Ice Decal Sign
  • 36×36 Shaved Ice Decal Sign

IMPORTANT: This unit ships automatically with a blank decal (no graphics – just a blue or white cover) allowing you to install your own graphics. If you are wanting to do business as Snowie, and have Snowie Decals and graphics on your equipment, you must sign the Snowie Trademark Agreement, which gives you permission to do business as Snowie. (Use of the Snowie brand means you use Snowie name exclusively and agree to use Snowie flavors only, so it tastes like a Snowie – We are not a franchise: no fees, dues, limiting territories or minimum orders) If you would like to do business as Snowie then please email Lyle at or call 801-268-2225 option 1 with any questions.

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