Snowie Feature on CBS Channel 2 News with Carl Rupp

Snowie was just recently featured on Channel 2, KUTV News.  They did a quick interview with Carl on Snowie Shaved Ice being a business that grew from it roots right here in Salt Lake City Utah, and has grown throughout every state in the US as well as over 40 additional countries. Carl spoke a bit about the Shaved Ice Snowie Bus and how you can take it anywhere, to do any event, at any time.  His examples were Neighborhoods, High School football games, special events, etc.  Anyone can own the Snowie Bus and run the business for themselves without having to pay Snowie Franchise Fees or Royalties.
Channel 2 News Feature on Snowie Shaved ice
Channel 2 News Feature on Snowie Shaved ice
The Block Ice Shaver was a featured item and you can see how delicious and soft that snow truly is.  Playing on the Utah License Plate Tagline, “The Greatest Snow On Earth,”  The host, Ron, said, “That is the greatest Snowie on Earth.”  On a side note, you can see on the shaver, we have added a new pressure flap wheel to better hold that block in place while it shaves.  You are not able to tell, but this shaver also has a speed control knob on it so you can shave as fast or as slow as you like.   Carl also spoke a bit about our broad selection of Shaved Ice Flavors and then featured our new Natural Shaved Ice Flavor Line.  It was a hit with the news anchors and the rest of the studio that came out following our segment.   The Little Snowie Home Ice Shaver also made an appearance where Carl spoke about it being geared to kids.  Lots of kids will use an ice shaver like this instead of a lemonade stand in order to make some extra money in those hot summer months.  It is also great for family parties, pool parties, and the occasional snowball fight in the middle of summer.   Thank you Channel 2 for having us on your program, we truly appreciate it.   – Snowie  

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