Webinar #30 – Use the website to help your business, Smart Snacks for Schools, and Cream Topping Blowing the doors off Sweetened Condensed Milk at Duck Commander

Smart Syrups, Smart Snacks, School

Use Snowie’s website to better run your shaved ice business. We have many tools that will help you tremendously if you use them.

We discuss shaved ice products, flavors, earnings potential, financing, business opportunity, accessing videos, forums, locations, all for your shaved ice business.

Then we go into a deeper discussion on the Smart Snacks for Schools program and Snowie’s compliance with that. We also discuss the best way to mix this product into your sugar water to make your shaved ice treat healthy and school friendly.

Lastly, we discuss the Snowie Cream Topping and how it blew the doors off of Sweetened Condensed Milk at Duck Commander.

Thank you for reading and watching this Webinar on Snowie Shaved Ice, a true opportunity to start a shaved ice business for yourself without all the contracts and anxiety that come along with them. Give us a shot, we think our business concept will blow you away!

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