Webinar #18 – Snowie Shaved Ice Satellite Cart

Satellite Cart, Shaved Ice Stand

Welcome to Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #18 – The Snowie Shaved Ice “Satellite Cart”

Today’s Webinar was primarily on the Satellite Cart. Aaron discussed some of the advantages of the Satellite cart and also touched on scenarios where that kind of stand will not be sufficient.

It is important to know what kind of events you are doing, and what the health department is going to require of your stand.

The Satellite Cart can be a stand alone cart, for sure, in certain scenarios. For instance, if I owned an ice cream shop, and wanted to add shaved ice, I could setup the satellite cart in front of my shop, and that would be fine because I have a three basin sink and restrooms within my existing shop. Another scenario, with which I am more familiar, is if I am in an arena, mall, or any scenario where I would also have access to that type of sink and restroom availability.

Usually, however, the Satellite Cart is intended to be a secondary cart where you already have a stand that functions like what I have mentioned above. Every event is different, so it is not a guarantee that this will be the case in your area. With that said, let me give you an additional scenario. If I owned a kiosk and was doing a concert or a fair of sorts, I would normally be required to have fully functioning water systems in my stands. But because I have one stand that has all of those required items, I will usually be allowed to have “Satellite” locations where all that is needed is a basic hand washing station.

Thus, the release of the “Snowie Shaved Ice Satellite Cart.” For those of you who would like to expand your business at a fraction of the cost.

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