Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #19 – Setting Up and Tearing Down an Event with a Snowie 8′ Kiosk

Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #19 Using a Kiosk

Today’s webinar took place in Lyle’s stomping grounds: Cincinnati, Ohio.

We have had quite a few requests on shadowing events, stocking kiosks, setting up and tearing down events, etc.  This has sparked quite a bit of video to be produced on our end.  We will be adding video in relation to Webinar #17, but wanted to take a different approach and show you specifically what to put into your kiosk, and where.

Lyle did a great job at laying all of this out, in order to show you everything that fits within the kiosk. Lyle also took the step in reducing the size of his ready-to-use flavor jugs.  While we all use 5-Gallon jugs for our sugar water and mixed flavors, Lyle has now scaled that down to a 2.5 Gallon Jug.  He still takes the same amount of flavor, he just does it in half size jugs.  He says that his workers love it and are very grateful to him for making that change because they no longer need to lift a 56 LB, 5 Gallon Jug, over their shoulders in order to refill a flavor station.

There are a few things that stood out to me in the video that I wanted to point out.  Lyle and them joked having a young lady stock the kiosk because he had to speak into the camera, and Zack was relaying my texts.  However, I thought that it was great to show her stock it, and that it was never an issue for her to stock that kiosk start to finish.

Lyle also mentioned the length of extension cords.  I believe he said that he had a 100’ cord, and if I heard right, the other one was 50’.  When I saw him stock the cords and tell us their length, I thought he was going to say that when you are closer to your power source, you want to use less cord.  So if you are within 50’ you do not want to use your 100’ cable to run your stand.  Longer cords mean lost amps.

However, Lyle actually said that he has those cords just in case he needs to extend his length.  The reason I approach this is that we strongly discourage people to go beyond 100 feet.  If you run your shaver on little amps, you can wear your motor down.  You always wan to run our shavers on good power.  Whenever we run power out longer than 100 Feet, we will use a 10 Gauge cord.

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