Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #17 – Shadowing an Event (Part 1 of 3)

Flavor Station

During this webinar, we attended the Utah Arts Festival.  We are talking about and showing video of this event in segments.  This is the actual webinar footage where I walked around and talked about our stand at the Utah Arts Festival.

We talk about the advantages of having a flavor station and what that can ultimately do for your event.  We talk about the advantage of signage and visibility at an event as well.  The Sign that hangs off the front of our stand is invaluable when you have a line of other vendors and you need something to reach out beyond the others when you would like to be seen by customers who are walking the length of the event.  The windsock is a big factor in this as well.  You would think that you would blend in among many windsocks, but the reality is that at almost every event, Snowie is the only windsock around.  We also mount our windsocks to the top of our stands so that it extends the visibility and reach of that windsock.

The Kiosk is able to contain all of your equipment.  In this webinar, Callie has some extra items, so not all of it can fit in one kiosk, but under normal circumstances, you would be able to carry all of your equipment within it for your event including your shaved ice syrups, the flavor station, your ice shaver, cleaning supplies, health department requirements, etc.

Callie is set up for a very large, four day event, so most of what you see in the background is more than you would take to a regular event.  We do go through and talk about all of the extra items you see in the back and why she brought them.  We discuss flower cups in contrast to regular cups.  When to use one over the other or both together, which is what I do.

We approach a good way to handle money to make change more quickly.  Your bottleneck in serving customers with Snowie, will always be money.  Whether it is the customer that needs to dig for their money after they have made a purchase, or your employee making change.  It will always be money that slows down the process.  So it is a very good thing to pay attention to here as that can help you tremendously.

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