Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #16 – Social Media

Ok, everybody has been waiting for this webinar to post on our site for a few weeks now.  We kept receiving incomplete downloads from fuze, but we were told that the content was there.  After a quick check, it looks like we finally have the whole thing.  In addition to that, we had some technical problems with the webinar itself, which is why Derek hops into a subject that he was previously discussing.  We do not have that content recorded.

In this webinar we talk about how Snowie Shaved Ice business owners can get their social media up and running and how we can all help one another in the expansion of our social media presence.

Joining us in this webinar is Derek Siddoway who is with a PR Firm called Grassroots.  Derek’s specialty is in social media and we asked him to give you some basic instruction on how to get your social media started.  If you do already have your social media setup, he gives additional pointers on how to increase your exposure throughout the Shaved Ice industry.

Within this webinar, Derek also provided some materials that you can take and use while you are setting up those pages.  There are also additional pages in there that you can use in to help your day to day efforts submitting content to your own social media.  The link for that is stated in the video, but I will post that here as well:

Remember to use #snowieshavedice and #snowie in your posts so that we can like them and re-tweet them as well.  This will create some exposure for you as well as snowie itself, so that we can all collectively share and use one another’s images in order to help market our own stands.

Please let us know if you have additional questions concerning your Social Media usage with Snowie Shaved Ice.

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