Snowie Shaved Ice Bus Interior – How much space is there inside?

Bus, Truck

I believe there is a common misconception that the bus is crowded or that you need to always work in a sitting or crouched position.  There could not be anything further from the truth.  I created this video specifically, so that you could see how tall and spacious the bus truly is.

I am 6’ 3” tall and I have 3” of clearance to the lowest part on the bus, which is the vent and control panel for the Air Conditioner.  There is plenty of space to move around, pack your supplies, refill your flavors, etc.

The logic behind the sitting position is simply because it is an easy position to work from.  You can work the shaver, serve the customer at eye level, handle money, and wash your hands, all from the sitting position.

The concept for working from a sitting position has been even greater than we anticipated because it has allowed for many of our customers who would be physically unable to operate a Shaved Ice Business, to do so comfortably.

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