Expanding your Shaved Ice Business

shaved ice stands, ice shavers, expanding your business

This is a quick video of Snowie serving a 30,000+ person crowd and duplicating ourselves four times over in order to truly service that crowd.  If we were only to have one stand, we would have only done 25% of the money. This business was designed to help you have easy entry into the business […]

Snowie does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS, Ice Bucket, Challenge

Today, Snowie responded to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Despite the many challenges of wanting to call it “ASL”, Estela persevered and we made it through!   As Estela mentions in the video, even though we did the challenge, we will still be donating to this worthy cause.  We have both friends and family who […]

The Snowie Shaved Ice Flavor Station

Snowie was the first Shaved Ice company to create a Flavor Station or anything that would let the public pour their own Shaved Ice Flavors or Syrups. Now you, of course, see people filling their own drinks at convenience stores, restaurants, etc. But you never saw this happen with Shaved Ice until Snowie created the […]

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