Making an Opportunity your Reality

I wanted to take a moment and write on my perspective of the word, “Opportunity.”  It may sound strange, but this is one of my favorite words in the english language.  There are far more elaborate words, and ones that contain more depth, but there is something about this word that simply fuels me.

I grew up as the baby of nine children.  Right now half of you are saying, “poor bugger”, while the other half are saying, “you spoiled little brat.”  Both are true, I guess.  But if there is anything from my childhood that has been engrained in me, it is a spirit for entrepreneurship.  I have always harbored a belief that if you work hard enough, and smart enough, then opportunities will always show themselves.  They may not always be the blockbuster opportunities, and usually they are not.  (Notice the paths for our nations billionaires that I sent out a couple of weeks ago.  Just look at how many opportunities they turned into reality).  Usually, they are opportunities that are simply a stepping stone to something else; another opportunity.  It is the foundation of endless potential.  I truly believe that I can do and accomplish anything!  The questions is, how driven am I at that moment in time, to grasp those opportunities and DO them?  Do I have the ambition to turn that opportunity into a reality?

Snowie Shaved Ice Business Opportunity
Snowie Shaved Ice Business Opportunity

Another belief of mine is that opportunities are given in the form of ideas, and they are not given to only one.  They are given to many, and it is simply the person who acts on that idea who will make it an opportunity and then reality.  My world echoes from claims, “That was my idea!”  Those words have even left my lips on multiple occasions.  But did I act?  You never have any claim on anything, unless you act.

I see a trend in our world that I find incredibly disturbing.  There seems to be an animosity growing towards the wealthy.  What do you see or think of when you encounter the wealthy?  Do you dislike them?  Do you seem them as a threat, or do they inspire you?  Do you not see them, their status, their lives, even their lifestyle as an opportunity?  I have to say, it is a foreign thought to me to think that somehow I am promised something that they have achieved on their own.  Even if they didn’t and they inherited their wealth from their Father, Grandfather, or whomever, I have no claim on anything of that effort.  Instead, my thoughts go elsewhere.  For instance, I know that I am no different than them, their Father, Grandfather, or whomever.  I have every opportunity to be able to achieve what they have already done.  They are a map, they are the example.  They are not a block in your path that is causing you to stumble.  You cannot, and must not, blame your circumstance on them.  That is your doing, or your lack thereof.  It is not the result of a zero sum game.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term “Zero Sum” let me explain.  It essentially means that everything has to equal out to zero.  For instance, if you lived in a world of four people, and had a total currency of $100, then the zero sum explanation would be that if everyone started out with $25 and the person who made a widget and sold it for $25 to the rest of them, would now hold $100 while everyone else has nothing.  This is not how our world works.  The realty is that he had to purchase supplies to make that widget, he had to purchase tools, hire help and expertise, he had to market it, thus making that money circle amongst them throughout the process and beyond.  We now live in a world that is more flat than ever before.  Opportunity is endless, yet, we live in a nation where people feel deserving and entitled while those from other nations are seeing opportunity and working their fingers quite literally to the bone to see it through to reality.

Our country bares a slogan that states its claim as the land of opportunity.  I think that too often the word “opportunity” here gets mistaken for “promise.”  This is not a land of promise, it is the land of opportunity!  None of us are guaranteed anything in this life.  Even those who are born into very fortunate circumstances can be found without them within the course of a day.  Work and diligence are always necessary to maintain and grow what we have.

As you know, our core business here at Snowie Shaved Ice is to provide you with a Business Opportunity.  Much like a franchise, but without all of the excess costs and control.  We have proven a business method that has always worked for us and, therefore, can and should work for you as well.  We simply provide you with the best equipment in the industry and educate you on how to best tackle this new opportunity.

Way back in the very beginning, 35+ years ago, Carl was just creating stands for himself and becoming successful at doing so.  People noticed that success and began to ask him if he could do the same for them.  He was their Map!  The original goal was never to put everyone else in the business, but its natural progression was exactly that.  If you can allow others to stand on your shoulders and make it so that success is that much easier because they are not starting from scratch, then why not do that for them?

We have countless customers that contact us to share their joys of a new life.  A life that runs on their schedule and finds them in a fun based industry.  Is Snowie that blockbuster opportunity I referred to earlier?  Maybe, for many it certainly is.  For others, it is simply that step.  It provides supplemental income to either help their current situation, or expand their current business.  Many of these customers purchased a Snowie Shaved Ice business in order to teach their kids the world of business on a basic level.  Then, after a successful summer, and their child now making $60,000 / year, they rethink their strategy.  They will often bring it back under their own wing and expand.  If one stand could do that, what about two, six, or ten?  So what started out as a stepping stone in whatever form has morphed into a new, full time yet seasonal, fun based business.

My point in writing all of this really comes down to one question.  Do you want a different life financially?  I know I am starting to sound like an infomercial or an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) pitch but that is not my intention.  I know your answer to this question is YES, because everyone’s answer is yes.  Even those the world would consider wealthy, still answer this question affirmatively.

So what steps can you take today to change your financial life?  First, click on this link which will take you to our financing partner.  They will let you know what you qualify for.  No matter what that number is, we have a business model that can quickly pay that equipment off, put extra money in your pocket, and progress you to the next level of your venture.  Make the change and submit your application today.  It is not committing you to anything, just showing you your potential.

Remember, here at Snowie we do not sell “Blue Sky”.  Everything we sell is tangible, even re-sellable.  Even our education at this point is free because we want you to feel comfortable with where your money is going and that you can quickly sell items to recoup it if necessary.

This is a very low risk business, even your day to day operations have very little to no waist.

Submit your application now, and then contact a Sales Representative at Snowie by calling:

877-4-SNOWIE or 801-268-2225 and selecting option 1

We look forward to speaking with you!

2 thoughts on “Making an Opportunity your Reality

  1. Dan Patton says:

    Hi, I am having a custom truck made and looking buy two snowie 3000. Can they run on one 15 amp circuit? Is there any discounts for purchasing two machines or financing available? I understand there is a new version on the snowie 300. Can you give me some more information? I am looking forward to doing business with snowie. Thanks, Dan

    • Aaron says:

      I would try to put them on a 20 amp breaker (each). They will function fine on that. There is a 5% discount if you purchase two of them. They way our quantity discounts work is, if you purchase one it is full price, 2 = 5%, 3 = 10%, 4 = 15%, 5 and above = 20%.

      We do have financing through a 3rd party called Paramount Financial. You can find there information here:

      We do not have a new version of the 3000. We have made a lot of changes to the New Block Shaver, but not the 3000.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions,

      – Aaron