Snowie Shaved Ice Webinar #14 – “Making Sugar Water and how to use flavors at your locations and events”

Shaved Ice Syrup
Yes, we are calling this one Webinar #14. Our numbering scheme got altared when we had the hiccup at #12, so I am correcting them as I post them. This webinar will be #14.  
Shaved Ice Syrup
Pouring syrup onto Shaved Ice
We debated back and forth on whether or not we should do a webinar this week as everyone doing Shaved Ice is very slammed this Holiday weekend.  But I have decided to go forward and do a simple one.  We have had many questions about making Sugar Water and mixing flavors and how all of that works with your Shaved Ice stand, etc.  
What we have found is that there are many people that when they are new to this business feel like should just skip the sugar water making process and purchase ready-to-use syrups or flavors, because they assume making sugar water will be difficult.  
The truth is that it is very easy, and very worth doing.   If you were to purchase all of your flavors in the “Ready-To-Use” state, you would not make near as much profit off the flavor, and you would pay dearly for shipping, as you are now paying to ship all of that extra weight in sugar and water.  
Also, in this same segment, we will show you how we use sugar water in our stands if you are using the quart bottles to pour the syrup on yourselves.   It is more popular to use the quart bottles in a static or permanent location, because you are catering to return customers.   Often when people are coming to you weekly and even daily, they will want to change it up and try new things.   Your options are part of the excitement of getting a shaved ice during the summer months.  
We will show you how we use flavors at an event when we are using a flavor station.   You will see how we transport our flavor stations and how we refill them.   There are people out there that are doing this the most difficult way possible, and we want to make sure we educate you on the easiest way.  Remember to always work smarter, not harder.   This business does not have to be hard.   It can be very easy once you learn the ropes, and these ropes are very easy to learn.  
So please join us today for a simple discussion on the basics of flavors and how to use them in your Shaved Ice Stands, or Shaved Ice Trucks.