How do I use the Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver?

In this video, Carl introduces us to the brand new Little Snowie 2. This ice shaver is the newest in Snowie’s lineup of remarkable shavers. Although this shaved ice machine is intended for the home, it is remarkably strong, powerful, stylish, and downright, cool.

This new version of the Little Snowie has a stronger motor, a larger hopper to hold far more ice, and a newly designed cone topper that makes it incredibly easy to make the perfect shaved ice.

This shaver takes ice cubes. The rounder the cube, the better the snow. However, you can use any cube you wish, even the cubes right from your freezer. Simply pour the cubes into the top of the shaver and you are ready to go.

The first thing that you need to learn is that the lid acts as the button to make the shaver run. This is a unique design because it doubles as a safety feature as well. The shaver will not run unless the lid is pressed closed.

If you are familiar with Snowie’s commercial ice shavers, the technique is a bit different when shaving from the Little Snowie 2. With our other shavers, you keep the cup back from the spout and hold the vinyl flap up to catch the excess snow. With the Little Snowie 2, you will push the cup all the way into the spout, watch the snow fill the cup and as it begins to pass the rim of the cup, you will back your cup out until you have reached the desired level of snow for its domed top. After that, it is time for the best part of shaved ice… The flavor!

Every shaver comes with sample flavors that you can use right away. It also comes with a code that will allow you to get three free pints of flavor from When someone purchases Snowie equipment from us in order to run a shaved ice business using the Snowie name, we require that they purchase our flavors. That way we can guarantee that everyone eating a shaved ice from Snowie has the same amazing experience and will return again and again. We could not hold our clients to that agreement if we did not make the very best flavors you can buy. We put endless research and development into our flavors to make sure that our clients and their customers are experiencing the best product possible. Now you get to take that same devotion into your very own home!