Gratitude for Opportunities afforded us by men like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Business Opportunity, Martin Luther King

Opportunity! I have written about this word before and it often comes back to me as we witness and remember events in our world. I love the word opportunity because it literally has no limits, boundaries, restrictions or confinements. It is endless in its progression. The only restriction you can place on opportunity is yourself.

Business Opportunity, Martin Luther King

The majority of people reading this live in America. The very land where the inhabitants of all nations have desired to come for an opportunity; their opportunity.

Unfortunately this was not always the case. Dr. King said, “We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation.” Opportunity was not shared equally among all people. It was a reality for some, and a distant dream for others. This was a disgusting reality and an awful time in our Nation’s history.

Fortunately, through the efforts of Dr. King and countless others, we have overcome much. This Nation’s vaults which contained and restricted opportunity have been opened. Those vaults exist today without doors, thus allowing anyone access to any life they desire.

This is extremely important to us because our core purpose here at Snowie is to provide anyone and everyone an opportunity to own and operate a business of their own. We get the opportunity to see people come from all walks of life. We meet those who purchase a stand as an investment, a way to teach their children the skills necessary to own their own business, those who have lost their job and need a way to fill that gap, who hate their current employment and long for a career that will bring them joy, or those who wish to just supplement their current income with this additional opportunity. The options and opportunities are endless and afforded to anyone.

Our Nation is full of people who have sacrificed much, even all, so that we would be blessed with opportunities without restriction. May we make each of those pending opportunities a reality. May we properly celebrate the life and words of Dr. Martin Luther King on this memorable day.