Gordon Rupp with Snowie Shaved Ice is interviewed on ABC Channel 4 News

News Interview

Gordon is interviewed on Channel 4 ABC News where they discuss the many business opportunities that Snowie offers.

Pouring Tiger's Blood on Perfect Snow
Pouring Tiger’s Blood on Perfect Snow

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Starting with the something very small like The Little Snowie Home Ice Shaver on a stand that can be setup in a front yard like a lemonade stand.  You can also purchase Carts, Kiosks, Buildings, and even a Snowie Bus.

They speak of how Snowie is not a franchise and that anyone can open a Snowie Business.  That is true, but it is even better than that.  Snowie provides the same education, support and training that a Franchise would, only they do not charge you any Franchise fees or Royalties.

Snowie has thousands of these stands throughout the United States and they are now in over 40 Countries World Wide.  Gordon mentioned that we are just now entering the UK, Nigeria, Isreal, and Poland.  We are really all about getting people into business for themselves.  It is a great business for Families to teach their kids how to work and own their own business.  It is a great opportunity for anyone to be able to either supplement or replace their current income.

They then transition into actually shaving from the Block Ice Shaver.  It makes a perfect Shaved Ice and does so quickly.  Even the speed that is demonstrated here is scaled back.  This shaver can shave at a much higher rate than what we demonstrated here.

Snowie has over 80 flavors.  When you use these flavors to create recipes, you now have the option to offer hundreds of menu items.

Gordon then pours Tigers Blood over some perfect snow and discusses briefly our Natural Line of Shaved Ice Flavors and Syrups.