Gordon on ABC 4 Good Things Utah

ABC 4, Good Things Utah

ABC 4 invited us back to do another segment on a show called Good Things Utah.


In this segment they discussed our revolutionary Block Ice Shaver.  I love the reaction of Nicea who said, “Gordon, that came together in like a second!”

Block Ice Shaver, ABC 4
Gordon Shaving with Block Ice Shaver – ABC 4

It truly shows how fast our shaver is.  Even someone who is not in the industry immediately recognized how incredible it is to be able to serve someone that quickly.  They also bring up the quality of the snow, a lot.  Before this segment was shot, we were making shaved ice for the studio, and it was amazing how many of them complimented our product and inquired about the opportunity that we offer.

Gordon discusses briefly how many options there are to get into business for yourself through Snowie Shaved Ice.  Our business model is scaled completely around you, your risk factor, and your budget.  You could literally purchase a Little Snowie Ice Shaver and run it like a lemonade stand in your front yard, you could purchase a full size Snowie Bus, and every option in between.  Whatever your budget, we can make it work for you and start supplementing your income today.

Location does not matter.  As Gordon mentions in this video we have owners throughout every state in the US and we have now entered over 40 Countries.

We have options that will let you place a stand in an arena, others that are geared to large events, some that are built to place in front of a store for a summer, and those that are intended to roam through neighborhoods like an ice-cream truck.  Not only do we accommodate your budget, but we accommodate your lifestyle and the types of events you are interested in as well.

We also address our Natural Shaved Ice Flavors.  We now have about 26 Natural Flavors in our line and we have just recently been able to add an FDA approved Blue color that now allows us to have green and blue colors in our natural shaved ice syrups.