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    I would like to know the top 12 flavor sellers. I would also like to know what is in the flavors that have names other than their content. Thanks

    Aaron Rupp


    Thank you for your comment. On our flavor page, when you get into the size options you can see our top sellers ranked from 1-50. Click here to go there and then scroll down until you see that list. https://snowie.com/product/flavor-concentrate-pint/

    Also, above that category on the same page, you will see another area that says “Flavors available in concentrate” each flavor that has an out of ordinary name has the contents listed with it like, “Rock & Roll (Red Raspberry, Fruit Punch)”

    Hope this helps.

    Grase Freeman

    I like Versace Versense

    Otis Saint

    These concentrates are super budget friendly, super easy to mix, and super yummy!! Geometry Dash Scratch

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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