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    You may want to remove the “Add to cart” button from some goods in your WooCommerce store. Thus, if you’ve been wondering how to do it, simply follow the instructions. This code will remove the add-to-cart button from your store page and replace it with a “Read More” button, however on a single product page, the add-to-cart button will be totally eliminated.

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    On the Cart Page:

    Navigate to the cart page on your WooCommerce website.
    You should see a list of products in the cart.

    Remove Button:

    For each product listed in the cart, there should be a “Remove” or “Trash” button next to it.
    Click on the “Remove” or “Trash” button associated with the product you want to remove as it worked for me for my emirates id fine check issue.

    Update Cart:

    After clicking the “Remove” button, the cart should automatically update, and the selected product will be removed.


    Some themes or custom setups might have variations, but generally, the cart page will have an option to update the cart. You can click “Update Cart” or a similar button to apply the changes and remove the product.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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