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    Aaron RuppAaron Rupp

    We have questions daily revolving around inverters and their capabilities. We have tested a number of 3000 Watt inverters and each of them could not handle the power of the Snowie 3000 Ice Shaver. So our normal suggestion to these inquiries is that you would be better off purchasing the DC version of the Snowie 3000 Ice Shaver.

    We have heard from a customer that is using an inverter by Xantrex. The model is: 3012. They are telling us that their configuration is 2 Batteries (GPL 8DL | 12V | 255 Amp Hours) which will give them 6 Hours of use. We have never tested this at Snowie, so please try at your own risk. We were also told by that customer that they are basically using pebble ice, which would cause much less resistance on the blade, but in our opinion does not produce the best quality shaved ice.

    I would like to break down these costs as far as I know them. Just looking online quickly, the average price for the Xantrex 3012 is just under $1700. The catalog price is: $2242. Then, the batteries they are mentioning above are about $600 a piece. With that kind of amp hours, you could probably run the DC 3000 for 12-16 hours and still have the other battery as a backup. You could get a 110Ah battery for about $260 that should run your DC for 6-8 hours.

    The price of the Snowie 3000 DC Ice Shaver is: $2696.

    So here are the scenarios below. (Disclaimer – I may modify these numbers occasionally if I find them to be different than what I have quickly put together here):

    Snowie 3000 DC: $2696
    110Ah Deep Cycle Battery: $260
    Total: $2956
    6-8 Hour Runtime

    Snowie 3000 AC: $2490
    Xantrex 3012: $2200
    255 Ah Deep Cycle Batteries (2): $1200
    Total: $5890
    6 Hour Runtime

    I will let you look them over and decide for yourself. Please keep in mind that we do not know for ourselves that this inverter will actually work.

    We always love to pass on snippets that may help everyone, so if anyone else is using this inverter or another one, we would love to hear your opinion.

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    For someone wanting an ice shaver that works on AC and in locations where no AC service is available. It seems like the best option would be to purchase the DC version and then just purchase a 50 AMP switchable DC power supply. You could probably get a 50 amp power supply for around $150-$200 (Or less). I would also recommend getting two 6V golf cart batteries in a series instead of a larger 12v marine battery. Then your cost for the setup would be $2696 for the snowie 3000, $200 for the 110 AMP-hour battery, and $150 for the 50 amp DC power supply. Total: $3046.

    For my Snowie DC setup I use two Golf Cart batteries in a series that I purchased from Sam’s Club. I paid about $90 each for them. Since they are 6V batteries I run them in a series to produce 12 volts. We used this setup a few weeks back for a 3 day event. We made about 2000 snow cones over the three days (8-10 hours per day) and did not re-charge between days. We never ran out of juice. We do keep two extra batteries as backup. However, we have only ever had to use them when we forgot to charge the primary batteries. Most of the time we can host a few different events without charging them. I have better luck with double golf cart batteries than I do with a single deep cycle/marine battery.

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