Family Time With The Little Snowie 2

Are you on the quest for something that will help bring your family together? There are many games, activities, and events that can help you accomplish this goal. Some families even make large purchases, like a boat because they feel that it will cause their family to spend more time together and create a stronger bond between them. Other families will take extended vacations so they can establish lifelong memories and experiences with one another.

We would like to introduce a machine to you that will help you accomplish your goal. You can use the Little Snowie 2 to create a night or an event with your family that is centered around this ice shaver. Or, even better, you can grab this extremely mobile ice shaver by the handle and take it with you to enhance all of your experiences. Have you done a drive in movie in a while? Take the Little Snowie 2* with you and watch that night at the movies transform into something far more exciting.

What about that boating trip? Imagine the reaction of your family and friends if you were to stop in the middle of the lake, pull out the Little Snowie 2, and begin serving shaved ice to them right then and there. It just made an amazing time, an amazing experience, even better.

We are excited to see what you, your family, and your friends will do with the Little Snowie 2. Submit your photos and videos using the hashtag: #MakeItSnow for your chance to be entered into random drawings for Little Snowie 2 Accessories, Flavors, Apparel, etc.

Happy Shaving!

*We offer three different power options for the Little Snowie 2. For you to be able to use The Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver from a car or boat battery, you will need to purchase the 12 Volt version of the Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver.