Flavor Friday – Episode #3

Today’s topic is Snowie’s incredible Cream Topping!

We have talked about this product in other videos but we are happy to be able to dedicate a whole video just to this amazing topper. We use the word topper to describe anything you put on top of  a shaved ice besides the Snow Cone Syrup. I use the term Snow Cone Flavors because it is familiar to so many. Your preference may be to call them Shaved Ice Syrups, or even Shaved Ice Flavors. Regardless of how you refer to the delicious flavor that is absorbed by Snowie’s perfect Shaved ice, the Cream Topping is the perfect addition to any Snow Cone Flavor.

Callie opens this discussion by drawing attention to the form the product is created in. It is important to understand why we offer it in a powder form. While in its powder form, Cream Topping will last three years. When you mix it with water you do need to refrigerate it because it is a dairy product. We generally like to make things in a liquid form because we can still make them last three years in concentrate form, but we cannot do that with this product which is why we went to a powder. Even thought it is powder, it is extremely simple to create. You simply pour the powder into one of our pour bottles, fill with water, shake it well and pour it over shaved ice! It does not take a lot to cover a shaved ice, maybe an ounce or two. You can use this as an upsell anywhere from $.50 to $1.00 depending on what your clientele is willing to spend.

We discuss in the video how this product takes on the texture of those little frozen crystals you get in your Root Beer Float, when the ice cream and the temperature of the Root Beer are the perfect temperature. It is a brief occurrence with a Root Beer Float, but it happens every time when you pour our Cream Topping over a shaved ice.

It is simply traditional for people to serve Sweetened Condensed Milk on their shaved ice. Even many of our customers do this. But when something is amazing enough, it can often change tradition. This topper is so delicious, it can absolutely be considered a product to change tradition.

You may remember our trip to West Monroe to outfit the folks at Duck Dynasty with Snowie Products. One of the coolest events for Snowie was when we supplied each of the employees with two shaved ice. One was topped with Sweetened Condensed Milk while the other was covered in Snowie’s Cream Topping. There wasn’t one person in that company that favored the Sweetened Condensed Milk. It was truly unanimous, Snowie’s Cream Topping had a more unique mouth feel and was far more delicious that the Sweetened Condensed Milk.

Give your customers the opportunity to try Snowie’s Cream Topping. You won’t regret it! Pick up some Snowie Cream Topping Today!