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In one of our webinars last summer, we had a brief discussion about our location page:

I wanted to write this as a reminder for any of you who own a Snowie Shaved Ice business to take the time and submit your location on this map.  Why would this benefit you?  Well, we actually get a fair amount of inquiries as to where someone could purchase a shaved ice in their area.  The way we answer that is to direct them to this map.  Many of these inquiries are from companies that are requesting Snowie to be at their company parties, or they are people requesting a Bus at their Birthday party, a School asking for Snowie to be a part of their fundraising ventures, and on and on.

The only way we have to be able to refer these leeds on to you is a map where you have submitted you own location and information.  If someone in your local area is looking for a vendor in that area, they are almost guaranteed to come to our site and look at us first.  They will inevitably end up at that map and looking at their local zip code.  List your location Today!  It will take you all of five minutes to complete it and it will be done and exposed to anyone looking for Snowie in their area.

If you are interested in posting your location, click this link and under the list of vendors there will be a link that says, “Have a Location? Get on the Map.”  Click that link and add your information.  Your entry will go through an approval process, but we should have you live within a day.

We are excited for this coming year and have many additional things coming that will help you expand or start your Snowie Shaved Ice Business.  Stay tuned, they will start coming to light in the next few weeks.

Good Luck in 2014!

– Snowie

3 thoughts on “Snowie Vendor Locations – Your Locations

  1. Gary Vatovec says:

    I am thinking about starting a Snowie business with my first purchase of a Kiosk or a building. Do you know if stores like Walmart, Costco, Target, etc will allow for a snowie set up in front of their store?

    My biggest issue is location.

    • Aaron says:

      They do, but it totally depends on the location. For instance, a few years back, WalMart made a company wide policy to not allow any mobile type vendors in front of their stores. We were bumming, but then we had a ton of clients that were calling in telling us that they got WalMart. We were shocked and inquired how they did it, and every one of them said they approached the Store Manager, showed them the equipment and the stand, and the Manager said yes.

      So you can never make a blanket rule on whether or not a corp will let you in. It always depends. We feel like the best way to approach a location is to have the stand there hooked to your vehicle. If you can take it a step further and offer to make them a shaved ice on the spot, even better.

      Please feel free to call us anytime. We are always happy to help you pin down locations and help in any way we can.

      – Aaron

      • Morgan says:

        Hi Aaron, my husband and I have met with our local walmart and they are interested in allowing us to set up a snowie kiosk in front of the store. I mentioned to them this post above, where you said you have had several people calling in and saying they got walmart. She asked if I could get a few of the store number for those wamarts so she can contact them in regards to establishing a leasing agreement. Thank you very much!

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