Snowie Shaved Ice is beginning a Webinar Series that will continue every week until the end of June.  Then we will either scale it back to bi-weekly, or monthly as everyone is well into their season. What better way to learn the business than to rub “virtual” shoulders with the leading experts on Shaved Ice? […]

We now have a brand new Snowie Shaved Ice Drill bit mixer to use in 5 Gallon Jugs for making Shaved Ice Sugar Water and Shaved Ice Flavors. You can check out the bit here: You can check out the Drill Mixer Mount here: It is unreal how powerful and fast this mixer is.  Up […]

A year or so ago, we hired to create a video about Snowie Shaved Ice. The great thing we liked about’s approach to creating a video is that they are a 3rd party perspective on our company and in their videos the show 4 different perspectives. 1st Perspective: The Corporate Ownership 2nd Perspective: […]

We are having a 50% OFF discontinued flavor sale! We have many flavors that (frankly) just haven’t been as popular, because of that we’re going to be discontinuing some of these flavors. To clean out the last of our discontinued flavor inventory we are offering those flavors HALF OFF until supplies last. Don’t worry, we are still offering over […]

If you have ever considered opening your own Snowie stand, or if you just want to know more about it, here’s a great article on Snowie featured in Business Leader Media’s Opportunity World Magazine. To most people ages 2 to 102 snow cones mean summer – and just like summer, everyone loves snow cones. Carl […]

Carl Rupp, part owner of Snowie Shaved Ice with his brother Gordon Rupp, has won “The Lincoln Self Made In America Contest” Sponsored by Inc Magazine and the History Channel. A few months back we noticed a contest being posted by the before mentioned sponsors and decided to put Carl’s story up for review. They […]