Snowie 12 Days of Christmas Deals

Ahh, the Twelve Days of Christmas! You know that song that never seems to end and people try to calculate the value of what it would really cost to have their true love get them everything from 5 golden rings to two turtle doves? I’ll save you a trip to Google, it is: $34,363.49.

But instead of encouraging you to drop $34,363.49 towards some french hens, we are going to offer deals to those of you who are home shaved ice connoisseurs as well as you shaved ice business owners out there!

We are going to list all oft the deals here so you can anticipate what is coming, but you will only be able to purchase those individual deals on their specific days over the next 12 days.

Day one is tomorrow, Saturday, December 8th 2018 and then each deal will follow every day after that until December 19th so there is plenty of time to ship to you before Christmas.

Without further ado, here are the Snowie 12 Days of Christmas!

Snowie 12 Days of Christmas Deals

How to claim the deal of the day:

Add the items on sale into your cart, then visit the cart, from there you will see the coupon code that you can apply. Simply click on it to apply it to your order.