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Of course shaved ice wouldn’t be shaved ice if it wasn’t for the wonderful assortment of mouth watering flavors. Snowie Shaved Ice has over 90 of the best flavors on the planet used to flavor shaved ice, coffee, or ice cream. But our commitment to bring you the best flavors goes beyond taste. Our Shaved Ice flavors are economical and easy to use. Economical because our concentrates are available in 4oz, pint, or gallon sizes and you buy only what you need. Then to prevent waste, with our concentrates you can mix up as little as 16oz of flavoring at a time. Typically, pour in 1oz of concentrate, fill the 32oz serving bottle with sugar-water and your ready to go. With your cost being only pennies per serving you can see how the only thing sweeter than the taste is the profit margin. Snowie is your one stop source. From simple serving bottles to metered flavor dispensing syrup guns Snowie makes your operation easier.

Snowie Flavors Available in Concentrates:
Below are the current (“mouth watering”) flavors Snowie offers:

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Snowie Flavors Available in Ready-To-Use Syrup:

Snowie Top 50 Flavors:
1) Tigers Blood
2) Blue Raspberry
3) Strawberry Fresh
4) Wild Cherry
5) Watermelon
6) Grape
7) Banana
8) Lemon Lime
9) Cherry
10) Red Rasberry
11) Bubblegum Pink
12) Green Apple
13) Sour Grape
14) Pina Colada
15) Pink Lemon Sour
16) Black Cherry
17) Blue Dragon (Very Fruit Punch)
18) Cotton Candy
19) Peach
20) Blueberry
21) Root Beer
22) Margarita
23) Hawaiian Tropic (Fruit Punch, Tropical Punch)
24) French Vanilla
25) Cream Soda

26) Bug Juice (Strawberry, Banana)
27) Bubblegum Blue
28) Wedding Cake
29) Pineapple
30) Mai Tai
31) Rock & Roll (Red Raspberry, Fruit Punch)
32) Lime
33) Orange Pineapple
34) Torcher (Hot Cinnamon)
35) Passion Fruit
36) Guava
37) Orange
38) Kiwi
39) Hawaiian Punch
40) Maui Wowee (Banana, Coconut, Cherry)
41) Black Raspberry
42) Cheesecake
43) Daiquiri
44) Lemon
45) Horchata
46) Cherry Cola
47) Coconut
48) Mango
49) Toxic Waste (Very Blueberry)
50) Sno Cream

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